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This is a poem about the importance of loving and protecting our environment

Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018




Together we encroached

Holding hand in hand

My comrade and I

Into the thick dense foggy wood

Smiling, enjoying, admiring

The beautiful serene wood.


The silent wood screamed in terror

Where the shedding tears of the crying wood

Drenched as lashing rain!


The caressing mother deer whispered in the ears of the little one:

"Run away my dear,

Death is approaching us."


Astonished stood we both,

Pondering over the words of the mother deer

For we humans represent death,

Nature is scared of us humans...

Trees hugged each one in Love,

Their sounds of kiss pierced our ears in pain

For they felt we were there

To shatter their dreams...

Why do we shatter, scramble, and kill their dreams?

A moment of introspection

Where the faces of the baby snakes awaiting the dead mother

Not knowing the fact

That the wheels of human movement,

Stamped the mother to death,

A few drops of tears,

Pricked my conscience

Cursed us " you human encroachers !”

My hand away from your hand

Into the dark dense forest

Searching the reaches of my conscience

Without an answer

For the encroachment.

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