My best friend, my life partner

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How we became more than just friends

Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018



You, my best friend.

The one I hug, the one I listen to.

 You, the one I try to make feel better.

The one whose tears I catch when you are crying.

You and are I the same, we are both prideful, yet noble. 

I hid my feelings from you and you did the same for me.

However after all this time together you and I can no longer hide this. 

I notice you breath fast when I approach you and your pupils dilate.

When you approach I feel like a nuclear reactor approaching meltdown.

 I am afraid, afraid that if you touch me I couldn’t contain myself from kissing you.

Then it happened. During a storm both of us were caught outside. 

You and I held hands and playfully ran in the rain.

Later we got inside a house to dry up.

A lightning struck and you got scared and grabbed me close to you.

 I felt your heart beat through your shirt

pressed against mine.

I hugged you tightly to make you see everything was 

going to be alright.

The lights went out but as I went to turn

on some candles you hold my hand

tightly and went with me.

Now with the

candles lit all we could see was our

silhouettes and our faces.

The rain got stronger as did the winds

and there you confessed to me.

You told you had a dream where you an I kissed. 

You told me you loved it, and that you

would be really happy if I could be your 

first kiss.

 I thought that was the sweetest thing I

ever heard and that I too never had a 

first kiss.

After that you grabbed the back of my

head and looked at me with passion.

Our faces got closer like magnets and our lips locked. 

That tender pressure of your lips on mine felt like a rush of energy jolting through my body. 

We devoured each other with kisses as thunder and lightning fell everywhere.

 You and I couldn’t hear a thing. 

Now here we are, at church about to make you my life partner and keep my promise that I will love you till I die.

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