Monogamy is a Choice.

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Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018



“Monogamy; I never really thought about it, since the common story is a cute couple living together happily ever after. 

But isn’t it overrated? I’m not saying you should have a bunch of partners, but I don’t know.. I think that it is is such an idealistic thought. I agree that it makes society so much more organized, but you can’t convince me that when someone is in a relationship they stop having random crushes on other people. It’s natural, and more human like. We are born free, and free we shall remain. I think that monogamy is a simple proof of our excessive desire to possess things. Why do we need to limit ourselves in every single thing? Why can’t we just enjoy the freedom that has been given to us?”

Monogamy is a choice. I used to see it as an obligation, a prison. I thought that the only reason some people are monogamous is because they feel like they owe it to their partners. That they are only doing it to satisfy the society’s standards.  But now I know that that is not what it is. Once you fall for someone, you can’t take pleasure in seeing other people, even if you try to.

 Monogamy is a choice. You, with all the freedom that has been given to you, will choose to be fully dedicated to that one special person. It is not the desire to possess things that makes us monogamous, it is the feeling of belonging that we yearn for. The warm feeling that you get when you hug them. The feeling of being right where you belong. The feeling of safety, of peace, of pleasure, of happiness. It is an interesting mixt, which makes all of your problems look so insignificant the moment they take you in their arms.

Having someone who can make you feel this way will make you attached to them, so attached you can’t even enjoy a simple kiss from somebody else.

You can blame it on the ones you kiss, thinking that they were “bad kissers”, comparing to your beloved. Maybe that special someone is just that good of a kisser, you may tell yourself. The truth is, it was never just about the way they kiss, but also about the feelings they evoke when they do so.

Monogamy is a choice, and if you feel otherwise, then maybe you should take a step back from your relationship, see if you really want to be with that person. Ask yourself a simple question: do they make you feel like home?

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