If I Was A Burka...

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Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018



If I Was A Burka...


  If I was a burka I'd take revenge for all the detergent

used by Spastic Legs and Miss Burka 1954 as they

shave the sun and cook It Ain't Fair in a cannabal's 

cis gendered pot while the fetid wind exposes aliens

with anal warts who have escaped from the carboose 

of a freight train mowing down syphilitic seasons in

the haunted house of deliquent sleazy car rides to

the middle of october's neon mouse trap...

  Now Miss Burka 1954 ages another year and 

reopens her termite riddled wooden legs, unzips her

middle cancerous breast and orders It Ain't Fair to

let the zombies in while she chews on her radio-active

nipples with her elephant ivory tusk dentures that were

sold to her by the paedophile dentist who killed the 

abandoned camals mating in the blue shadow corridors

of the bouncing mosque....

  But it's all too much for It Ain't Fair who yells, " I've had

enough, this is all too much! " again and again. And it is

too much for this snowflake with his rainbow tongue

and his cock on fire, so he steals a street car named 

desire, and rapes the manikin virgins before shooting

dead all the angelic choir of manniquins...

  These things I see at the breakfast table while sucking

on Pinnochio's big toe and growing synthetic pubic hair

from the derelict brown fridge when the lights are low

and dinosaurs escape from the box of cereal... 

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