Angels Curse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Otaku

A girl embarks on a journey to recover her past memories while facing dangers with her new known powers. With the help of a young man she discovers her past may lead to her own demise.

Table of Contents

Unexpected Rescue

Welcome to Angels Curse! A epic fantasy romance adventure. The story may seem odd at first but I encourage you fellow readers to give it a chance. Remember this is an anime story so if you don’t
like anime this may not be for you.
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Gaining Wings

        “Leave?”  I held the blankets to my chest. “Please don’t make ... Read Chapter

Flying Practice

  That night when I was asleep Seth walked past me into the bathroom and slowly locked the door. He started talking as if he was... Read Chapter

Switching Sides

  The next morning when I came out of the bathroom I noticed beast leaving the house like he always does. Instead of making a ra... Read Chapter

Searching for Family

  I spent weeks at Seth and hero’s place practicing my flying abilities and even some magic. Seth was unsure exactly what type... Read Chapter

Torn Bewteen

  Seth stared evilly at Dustin. “That’s your brother?” He said pointing.  I nodded my head semi confused as t... Read Chapter

Fight to the Death

  I woke up feeling a little dizzy. I felt my head and shook sitting up slowly. I looked outside it was pouring and it was very ... Read Chapter

Deals with Demons

    I sat pondering for the longest time one morning. I knew the demon named Lucas used to be my brother Dustin. But so... Read Chapter

Poisonous Fruit

    Me and Seth came back to the house from town with our weekly groceries. I hopped off the bike happy to finally go t... Read Chapter

A Close Death

  I knew Seth was going to try to use the deadly potion on Lucas but I knew my brother was alive somehow. I was ready to face hi... Read Chapter

The Puppeteer

  I was never fully aware of myself after that night. To me everything seemed normal but to Seth and beast it wasn’t normal. I... Read Chapter

Draining Power

    I went outside and looked around. My head was still a bit fuzzy from what happened. I just remember waking up to Se... Read Chapter

Inside the Mind of the Devil

    “Seth!” I shouted.  I looked around and I saw nothing but darkness. It felt like I was walking forever... Read Chapter

Love Triangles

  With Lucas trapped with Seth’s magic I was only conflicted about how to save Dustin. It was only hours after escaping from i... Read Chapter

Evil Magic and Weapons

  I opened my eyes. Seth watched as my hair and wings slowly changed color. The black color took over my wings like an oil spill... Read Chapter

Power Control

  Seth walked along the stream starring at the current.  “Angel how could you let Lucas take you from me.” He said ... Read Chapter

Quest for Magic

  Seth stood on the far side of the large area outside the house while hero stood on the other far side. Dustin stood near the h... Read Chapter

A New Journey

If you liked this story please follow for more fantasy and romance anime stories! Made by yours truly NekoZilla ??????
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Recent Comments

Kuuhaku Ren

The premise and substance of your story is actually quite good and intriguing. I especially liked the atmosphere you created between the girl and the dog. That being said, your grammar is holding back the delivery of the story, so if you fix that you should be golden.

Fri, October 26th, 2018 7:20pm


I know my writing needs ALOT of work . I rly appreciate the comment about by grammar. I plan to go back and read over it all and fix some stuff to make it look better.

Fri, October 26th, 2018 7:29pm

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