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Seth stood on the far side of the large area outside the house while hero stood on the other far side. Dustin stood near the house looking back and forth between them.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Dustin. 

Seth smiled.

“We’re getting our body back.” He said running at hero. 

Hero ran to Seth. Magical energy showed around Seth’s body as he ran closer. The same happened to hero.   The closer they got the stronger and brighter the energy. Before they hit a large bright flash struck shaking the house and trees around them. Dustin fell sitting on the ground from the shake. Dustin opened his eyes and saw one figure laying on the ground with steam of magic flowing out from his back. Out from the hair poked two large ears and a large tail swayed from behind him. The figure stood up slowly. He looked at his hands where large sharp nails stood out. Much larger than they usually were. And he smiled showing his large sharp fangs. He turned toward Dustin. Dustin stared at the new form. 

“It worked.” Said Seth. 

Dustin walked over still wobbly from the bright flash. 

“You combined bodies.” Said Dustin observing him.

“Yea well this is who I really was before I tore my body in half.” He said swaying his tail. 

“What was the point of this again?” Asked Dustin. 

“Now that I’m back to myself I have more magic than I ever did. I can even take other magic by force.” He said. 

“Lucas will always manage to steal a body but if you can manage to become strong enough you can contain him.” He said pointing at him.  Dustin backed up.

“You want me to take him back?” He asked.

“I can’t I don’t wanna be inside him again.” He said fearfully.

“ he won’t Dustin he’ll be inside you. He’ll be your prisoner. We just have to help you get enough magic. Your the most immune to dark magic.” Said Seth. 

“Now summon that weapon.” He said pointing. 

Dustin gulped and held out his hand. He summoned his sword. Seth smiled and charged at Dustin. Dustin flinched at the sudden attack and held out his sword blocking Seth’s claws. 

“Fight me Dustin!” He shouted knocking the sword out of the way swiping at his arm cutting him. Dustin swung his sword at him and Seth jumped back. Dustin breathed heavily.

“Tired already?” Asked Seth.

“I never really fought before.” He said. 

Seth froze.

“Wait you seriously never fought in combat?” Asked Seth.

Dustin nodded. Seth sighed.

“What you need is motivation. You don’t wanna become Lucas’s puppet again right? So you pretend I’m Lucas fight me!” Shouted Seth lunging back at him. Dustin blocked Seth with his sword. Seth pushed him against a tree trying to push the sword away. 

“Come on kid fight back!” Shouted Seth with glowing red eyes. 

Dustin glared back and swung his sword and punched Seth in the face. Seth fell to the floor and wiped his face. Seth growled and attacked him. Dustin flapped his wings making it hard for Seth to attack. Back and forth Dustin and Seth fought until Seth finally stopped charging at him.  Both were on the ground breathing heavily. 

“Not bad.” Said Seth smiling at Dustin. 

Dustin wanted to smile back but instead fell on his back out cold. Seth perked his ears up and saw Dustin was down for the count. 

“Maybe a bit too much?” He asked himself.  

After Dustin woke up he sat up in a bed. He looked over and saw Seth sharpening his nails. 

“Oh your awake.” He said.

“Sorry about working you too hard.” Said Seth. 

Dustin stood up.

“No I kinda deserved to get beaten up I let my sister down.” He said looking down.

Seth stood up.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it we’ll get her back. We just have to follow the plan.” He said resting his hand on Dustin’s shoulder. 

“Follow me Dustin.” Said Seth. 

They walked outside where Seth stood in front of Dustin. 

“You need more magic if your gonna over power Lucas so you can have half of mine.” He said holding out his hands. 

Dustin resisted taking them.

“But ain’t that make you weak?” Asked Dustin.

Seth shook his head.

“‘Not at all over time I’ll regain it.” Seth grabbed both Dustin’s hands. Seth closed his eyes and the magical energy inside him started to flow from his hands to Dustin’s. Slowly Seth’s magic flowed into Dustin. Dustin flinched feeling the power overwhelm him. When Seth let his hands go Dustin practically glowed with magical energy. He held out his hands. 

“So much power what do I do with it?” Asked Dustin. 

“Show Lucas your the strong one then once he takes the bait you trap him.” Said Seth smiling. 

“But what if just take my magic like he did you?” Asked Dustin. 

Lucas doesn’t have the power to take it by force it needs to be given to him and I doubt you’d be willing.” Said Seth. 

Dustin nodded. 

“Ok lets go find him.” He said summoning his sword.  

The one place they knew they could find him was my old village. They stood around waiting for me to come. 

“Just can’t get enough of me can you?” I asked flying down.

“Drop the act Lucas we know it’s you. “ Shouted Seth. 

Not the most clever Dustin instantly charged at me swinging the sword and I grabbed the end.

“This is what you brought for power?” I asked.

“It’s pathetic.” I said laughing. 

I was no longer in control but I was still the one talking even though I had no idea I was. Dustin tried pulling away. I looked over at Seth.

“What’s this? You’ve changed you and that wolf finally combined bodies did you? You don’t seem that much more powerful though?” I said letting go of Dustin’s sword. 

Dustin backed up beside Seth. Seth’s eyes glowed red as his tail and ears perked and flowed with magic. I summoned my gun and fired at Seth. The bullets bounced off Seth.

“What? Impossible!” I Shouted continuing to fire. 

The bullets continued to bounce off Seth. Seth ran up to me and swung his claws at me. I held out of gun blocking the attack and flying back up a tree to escape him. 

“That’s a nice defense technique you have going there.” I Said watching him. 

Seth smiled. 

“Remember when I tied you down because you were acting crazy?” He asked. 

The girl in me blushed and shook my face to snap out of it.

“ no I remember being held against my will even thou there was nothing wrong with me.” I Said swinging my gun around my finger. 

Seth smiled and he winked at Dustin. Dustin summoned his sword behind his back and slowly walked around angel behind the tree. Seth continued to pace distracting me. 

“Yea and you remember when you took a nice long nap on me.” He said smiling. I looked down at him.

“ that was just to get you to trust me.” I Said looking away. 

“Sure let’s pretend that was the case but hey since your “evil” Now, maybe you wanna come down and show me how evil you are.” Seth said smiling sexually at me. 

I stared down and something made Lucas unable to resist my body urge. 

I flew down gently and stared at Seth who was waiting for me to get closer.  As I walked over Seth quickly grabbed me holding me still.

“Dustin now!” He shouted. 

Dustin came out from behind the tree and swiped at me. I fell to the floor holding my stomach.

“What have you done?” I asked. 

I felt my stomach there was no mark yet I felt it.

“ we just paralyzed you.” Said Seth. 

“I just played dirty back little demon.” He said smiling. 

My voice became deeper as Lucas came out more. 

“Why is she so weak?” He asked.

“It’s not that she’s physically weak but she’s my angel and no girl and resist the person they love. She was weakened by just my words.” He said pushing him down to the ground. Lucas was hardly able to move. 

“And you! How were you able to use paralyzer magic?” Asked Lucas. 

Dustin looked down. 

“Ever since I’ve been free I’ve been dramatically earning back my magic powers becoming even stronger than my sister.” He said. 

Lucas rolls on his stomach and reached his hand on the ground pulling at the grass. 

“Now you will let my sister go.” Said Dustin lifting his chin up with the sword. 

“And you will take back my body.” He said

Lucas eyes widened.

“After all the work you did to escape you’d so easily welcome me back?” Asked Lucas. 

“I have no choice you can’t have my sister.” He said. 

Dustin opened his wings and held his hand out. Magical energy flowed from his hand to Lucas. 

“No!” Shouted Lucas. 

Seth watched as Dustin attempted to pull Lucas out. Lucas smiled and counter attacked pulling Dustin in. A bright light flashed and Dustin’s soul was pulled into angels body. Both Lucas and Dustin passed out. Seth stared at the after math.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. What should I do?” He asked himself.  

Inside angels body Dustin woke up and saw the darkness. Out from the darkness however he saw a small figure. He walked over to it and saw angel sitting down hiding her face between her legs not wanting to see the darkness surrounding her. Her hair was dark purple and her wings were solid black. 

“ Angel.” Said Dustin. 

I lifted my face up.

“ Dustin how did you get in here?” I asked. 

“I’m here to save you Lucas took the bait and pulled me in now we can escape.” He said holding out his hand. 

I began to cry.

“I can’t leave Seth will kill me if I go.” I said hiding my face again.

“What are you talking about!” Asked Dustin. 

“I’ve insulted him and played with his feelings how can I go back.” I Said crying. 

“Seth doesn’t hold you accountable for what happened sister he just wants the real you back.” He said smiling.

“ but the darkness still owns me.” I said holding out my black wings. 

“Don’t wry.” He said grabbing my hand. Instantly the darkness started falling off like puzzle pieces. They floated away behind me revealing my true nature again. I stood up and hugged Dustin no longer feeling trapped. Dustin pulled out his hand and I saw black magic in it. 

“This is Lucas I’m taking him back with me. He’ll take a body no matter what so he might as well have mine.” He said smiling.

“What no!” I Shouted. 

“It’s ok trust me angel I promise I won’t be taken by darkness again.” He said putting his other hand on my cheek. 

I nodded my head in agreement. Dustin hugged me and used his magic to teleport me back in control of my body and Dustin back in his own. I woke up slightly and saw Dustin sitting up looking down at me.

“You feeling better now?” He asked. 

Studying Dustin I saw part of his air was blonde and the other was black. Same with his wings. One wing was black and one was white.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

Don’t worry it’s really me taking demons hostage means I still have the power so it will affect my physical body but only just a little.” He said smiling. 

I sat up and saw Seth. He looked completely different.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

I suddenly jumped.

“Was that my fault?” I asked ready to cry again.

“No no!” Said Seth trying to keep me from crying. 

He sat down and hugged me.

“Me and bea.... I mean hero combined back to our original body form.” He said caressing my hair. 

I observed his ears, tail, and fangs as he smiled.

“Does it frighten you?” Seth asked. 

I shook my head no. 

“ can you forgive me the things I said and did to you.” She said looking down.

“You don’t need forgiveness because you are not to blame.” He Said turning my face towards him. 

He leaned in and gave me a kiss on me cheek.

“I’m just glad your home.” He said smiling.

Dustin put his hand on my head smiling too. 

“Yea home.”

Submitted: October 25, 2018

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