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I licked my chops,

Submitted: October 25, 2018

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Submitted: October 25, 2018



I licked my chops, as my Master began the drive home.  Sat in the back alone.  I scratched my ass and my hide, as I enjoyed the ride.  Tuneful melodies rang out on the Joop radio.  I wagged my tail, happily. 


We passed the local park.  Kids played on the the swings.  My ears pricked up and rotated along, to and fro. 


It was a big park, I think.  I could hear tennis balls pinging and whacking, behind a high mesh fence.  There I saw Boxer marking his patch.  I heard he fancied a poodle near there.


Soon the park was gone. Next came the food mall.  I could smell the raw bones at the butcher's, a mile away.  I knew my home was not far away now. 


More trees lined, my street.  The Nissan Joop turned left off Burger Avenue.  That's what I heard my Master say.  When hungry.  My tongue is drooling now.  Just thinking of greasy meat.'


My master opened the door and I chased Tom Cat up the driveway. I hate that cat.  I don't know why.  Just do. 


Oh, I have to go in now.  I better, let you go now, little Robin.  I have a toy to play with inside.  My home.  Bye, bye birdie.

'Squeek!'  Matt Sit.

'Bird!'  Oh its my toy bird.  Oh thanks Master.  I will play with it, on my dog mat.  Woof, woof.


Oh I must be daydreaming , of my next Ride Home.





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