The Lost Love

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Submitted: October 25, 2018

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Submitted: October 25, 2018



The Lost love

For showering incessant love, we never really ran out of time,

But the melodies that we sang by the sea-shore slowly failed to rhyme!


Or perhaps, we were too engrossed in singing a song:

Without an ounce of realization that even artists can get the words wrong!


Despite the mesmerising light and the pitter-patter of the drizzle,

Like a cauldron of repressed desire, our passion miserably failed to sizzle!


If we ever stood at the crossroads of life so vast;

Would the mighty leap of faith be enough to guard our past?

Or at this sight, will rhyme and reason stand aghast?


If we meet again by the trick of dame fate;

The eerie slumber of silence may begin nourishing the love like soul-mates,

And we might begin to unlearn how to hate!


Perhaps we shall then realize that we were just wounded; and not slain,

And sleep a hundred sleeps free from devils once again;

Those moments might just fly, but memoirs of lost love may remain!


Perhaps the blisters caused by our burning pride will then begin to heal,

And do away with the heartache that we, time and again, feel.


And the dreams that might miraculously awaken from the dreadful ashes of the harsh realities and doubt:

Might remind me that you are difficult to do without!

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