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Chapter Ten – In the Hall of the Queen

When Reana awoke she felt fresh, as though she had just woken from the best sleep she’d had in a long while, which it probably was. Reana found a large patch of strawberries and decided to eat a few of them. As she ate, she wondered how this forest could be so frightening. Reana almost never felt safe. She always felt like someone was watching her every move, but here she had no such thought.

Once she’d eaten a fair share of strawberries she sat back against the nearest tree, humming to herself. She stopped humming when she heard a loud Bang! Silence followed. Quickly and quietly Reana jumped to her feet, intent on finding out what had made the noise.

After some time of looking she found a large white stone. Reana jumped back as quickly as she could. How? Why is there a pixy portal in the middle of Tihar? She questioned.


Taking a deep breath Ariella gaped at what she saw. Smooth fine gems fit perfectly together forming spiraling patterns on the floor. Tall pillars made of wood lined the edges of the huge room. High above them thousands of white gems hung by magic, making it look as though there were stars in the room.

“I know. I gape every time I come in here.” Anexa told Ariella.

At the far side of the room there was a beautiful carved throne made of the same white wood that the pillars were made of. As they walked closer to the throne Ariella saw that there was a tall slender pixy seated on it.

“Greetings You Majesty.” Felessa knelt before the queen.

“Hi Mother!” Anexa cheered.

“So, this is the human you found on our back door.” The queen said taking great interest in Ariella.

“Yep!” Anexa said as she half flew half ran to her mother.

“So. Why were you trying to find us? A loved one sick? A help with a war? A magic spell? A thought escape you mind?” the queen questioned.

“Ah…” Ariella still in a daze had no clue what the queen meant, “No… No!” She said as she finally realized what she meant, “I didn’t mean to come here at all!” and with that she began her story of how she got there, all the while the queen nodded and agreed and such.

“A very intriguing story. But I’m afraid that I can not be of assistance to your mind. You see someone must have removed it for a purpose. Meaning that I would have no way to get them back. I am very sorry.” The queen told Ariella.

“Well I do believe that I have been so intrigued by your story that I have forgotten to tell you my name. This is my daughter, Anexa, her round partner is Felessa, and my name is Anaya Tehama, but you may call me Anaya.

“Wow.” That was all Ariella could say.

“Ya wow. She’s the best mom! Ever.” Anexa praised grinning.

“Would you like to say here a few days while you figure out where you want to go?” Anaya asked.

“If that’s aright with you.” Ariella shyly responded, thinking of what it must be like living as a pixy.

“Anexa, please go show Ariella to the room next to your room.” Anaya directed her daughter.

“Ok!” Anexa said bouncing into the air.

The room Anexa showed Ariella was the size of her house at BuckleBerry, maybe even larger. This room unlike the Hall of the Queen had windows and a balcony, that overlooked the streams and rivers of the valley. The floor in her room was just as elegant as the Hall, but instead of the gems being every color they were all blues and purples. To one side of the room there was a bed carved to look like trees. To the other side there was a door, and upon asking Anexa, Ariella was told to go look for herself.

As Ariella turned the knob to the door, she felt a rush of excitement. She opened the door and saw yet another thing that left her gaping. A library the size of BuckleBerry.

Submitted: December 19, 2019

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