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Chapter Eleven – A Warning

Going back into the forest was probably the worst thing she could do. So, Alayah decided to go find and hopefully help those who lived in BuckleBerry.

As Alayah walked through the trampled grass she thought of her sisters, lost in the enchanted forest. The more she walked the more she felt that she should go back and try to find her sisters.

With a sigh she started back the way she’d came but stopped upon seeing a broach glinting under trampled grass. Alayah stooped to pick it up, when she’d retrieved it from the ground, she was shocked at what she saw. She sent a flare high into the air, playing that her sisters could see it. 


Reana had been staring at the gem for nearly an hour. I should go thru, and make sure that she’s not in there. She tried to convince herself, but if the queen were to see you, what then? She let out a groan, but quickly stopped when she heard footsteps. Someone was behind her. In a flash she spun around, magic in hand.

“Who are you and what- “she stopped short. There was a man in a dark cloak, with a bow.

“Where have you taken her?” he questioned, grabbing an arrow. Reana was confused.

“Who?” she asked to give her time to think.

“You very well know who. Why did you take her last night?” he angrily questioned.

“I didn’t take anyone last night! I- “but Reana was cut off when a loud bang filled the air. Reana instinctively looked up, just thru the canopy she could make out Alayah’s flare. The White Dragon was here.


Ariella had spent hours in the library, wandering the isles skimming the titles of all the books, trying to decide what books to read first. When Anexa came and told her it was time for lunch, Ariella was reluctant to leave, but decided to come back later, after lunch.

When they went down the spiral stairs, Ariella was indeed sure that she’d made the right decision. Each table was filled with wonderful food. The smell was glorious. Anexa directed Ariella to a table off to the left.

This table, along with all the others had many foods Ariella was familiar, and many more foods she had no clue what they were.

The food was excellent, while they ate the hall was far from quiet; back at her home in BuckleBerry, she was never aloud to talk, only listen. 

After lunch Ariella went directly back to the library. She soon discovered that all the books were organized by what they were about. All the books about plants on one shelf, all the old books were on the top and worked its way to newer as it went down.

The book shelfs were probably as tall as her house in BuckleBerry. The strange thing was that one of the shelfs was missing. It was the history of magic shelf and she had wanted to get some books from that shelf, but it was gone; in it’s place there was a book shelf filled with books about the art of carving.

“Looking for a book miss?” someone asked from behind her. Turning around Ariella found that there was an old pixy, the first old pixy she’d seen, standing there, holding a pile of books almost as tall as her.

“Umm… sort of. You see I’m looking for the book case about the history of magic, do you know where I can find it?” Ariella asked.

“You know. In all my one thousand or so years of working here I never have learned where the book shelves go when their on brake.” The old pixy told her, “You see.” She said tapping the nearest bookcase with her foot, “These bookcases are enchanted. For about one hour a day every week each bookcase will disappear, but the history of magic is gone many times a day. So you’ll see it in another part of the library in an hour or so.”

“Oh.” Ariella managed to say. This was certainly not the explanation she had expected.

“You aren’t from around here are you?” the pixy asked.

“N-no. I’m from BuckleBerry. Ariella.” She Bowed.

“Hmm. Gabriella.” The old pixy studied the girl, “Want me t’ show you around?”

Without waiting for an answer she spun around already knowing the answer.

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