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Chapter Twelve – Tricks and Traps

Thea had found. The sea? BuckleBerry was over one hundred leagues from the sea, and unless the village had simply decided to stand up and start moving to a sea side home, then Thea shouldn’t have been standing at a bluff over looking the sea.

The sun was setting, making the clouds In the sky a pinkish-orange. Hundreds of feet below her the waves crashed against the cliff, ever so slowly beating the cliffs back. In the far off distance she saw a flock of seagulls, wheeling, swooping and cawing all the while.

Thea stood awhile longer, tranced by the setting sun. Once the sun had set she finally realized that she still hadn’t found a place to stay the night. 


After some time, the bluff began to lessen until it finally ended at a white sand beach. The sun’s last trace of the sun vanished, and the moon came out from hiding. A cool breeze blew stray strands of hair into Thea’s face.

A soft glow came from a near by hill, drawing Thea’s attention. As she rounded the hill, she found an arched door leading into the hill. A small lantern lit the hillside. Thea hesitantly took a step forward, it could be a trap. Her mind warned.

Carefully she reached out to the door knob. It turned freely. The door swung open. Inside, many lanterns hung about, in the center of the room sat five knights, huddled over a map.

One of the knights turned to see who had entered, on the breastplate was painted a white dragon.


Reana couldn’t believe it! The White Dragon must have tracked them here, They could be in the forest by now. They could be watching her at that very moment. She tried to stay calm, but her heart began to beat faster and faster, at thoughts crowded in.

Reana was still panicking when a calming voice reached through all the thoughts, “It’s all right. They are probably still out side the forest.” The hooded man comforted her. But it only lasted a few short seconds. The soft thump of boots on the grass alerted the two that they had already been discovered.

In a flash the small clearing was surrounded by knights of the White Dragon.

Submitted: April 21, 2020

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