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Chapter Two – Waiting

The deer leapt over the bubbling brook, closely followed by two horsemen on their horses. “Drat!” complained the first one, as the deer vanished into the thick undergrowth.

“Told you it would happen.” The second one retorted, “It was already running when we first took chase to the beast.”

“Suppose you think you’re better than me William? I bet you couldn’t find your way back! You can never tell which way is north and south.”

“I do believe that you are most likely right, because it is true, I have a terrible sense of direction.” William Admitted as he stooped down to the brook and created a dam with this hand. As William’s little dam overflowed a loud branch broke behind them. Spinning around William half expected to see a Bandersnatch wolf, the biggest deadliest animal south of the furlong tundra, stories say that the biggest one seen was nearly as tall as a fully-grown man, a legend of course. But to their surprise it was not the feared Bandersnatch wolf, but a woman wearing brown leather leggings, tall boots, and a dark green blouse with a hood covering her face.

“I hope I didn’t scare you too much. You look as though you just seen a Bandersnatch wolf.” She said coolly, waiting for a response. None came. After a long eerie pause, she continued “I’m wondering if you happen to have seen anybody else around here lately? I’m looking for a tall slender girl. I seem to have lost her.”

Finally William spoke, “Umm… well…” he said gulping “I haven’t seen anybody today other than you, have you seen anybody lately Peter?”

“Nope. Nobody.” Peter answered.

“Hmm are you sure?” she asked again.

“Nobody.” Peter confirmed.

“Interesting…” she paused then glanced back the way she had come the back that the twins. “I really though she came this way.” She muttered under her breath. “Well then see you round!” she said trying to sound happy, failing to do so. With that she turned around and briskly walked off.

William let out a sigh. That was too close! What on earth is a Valkyrie doing in cobblestone forest? He thought.

“We should get back to town. The sun will go down soon and we don’t want to see a Bandersnatch wolf.” William said hopping on to his horse.


Freedom at last! The girl thought as she ran through the dark forest towards the small town of BuckleBerry, the moon shone down on her providing a little light in the night. If only I could just find the town I’d be able to get to a tunnel and loose her, she’s sure to catch up to me if I don’t go to the tunnels!

As the girl ran she heard the unmistakable growl of a Bandersnatch. Great! I escape from my crazy aunt just to get eaten by a Bandersnatch! Just what I need! She ran as fast as she could, knowing that the Bandersnatch would catch up to her easily. Heart pounding she turned around to see her pursuer, but instead of seeing gaping jaws lined with three rows of vicious teeth, she saw a bright flash of green light, followed by an explosion. The shock wave followed sending her to the ground. Then everything seemed to vanish.

Submitted: August 15, 2019

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