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Chapter Five ­– In the Forest

Ariella woke feeling refreshed, she had had no dreams, and was surprised that she wasn’t dead.  I must be lucky because I wasn’t eaten by some horrid creature! She sat up and got a sip from the stream, light filtered through the canopy above, the once tariffing woods looked as calm as any other forest. But Bandersnatch wolfs, and bears live in those woods. She felt very calm and almost forgot about the fire the previous night. She lost herself in thought, as she lay back on the moss, thinking about how anybody could be scared about the forest. A stick breaking jolted her back to the present. She looked around. Nobody, as far as she could see, but anybody could hide behind tree trunks and behind rocks and bushes.

“Anybody there?” she called out. Her voice sounded strange in the still forest. She then noticed that the once full of life forest was quiet. The silence sent a shiver down her spine, the feeling of calm vanished, and the forest felt dangerous, and full of dark magic. She imagined there being a dark figure standing in mist behind her. A thick fog filled between the trees, she turned to see a dark figure standing in the fog, it laughed a horrible laugh. Ariella shrieked and ran. This is when the hero trips on a root and the creature chasing it attacks them, at least that won’t happen to me because I’m not a hero, I’m just a girl who reads too many books. Another part of her whispered, but if you do fall there is nobody to save you. Even more reason not to fall! She fiercely told herself.

“You can run but you can’t hide!” a shrill voice cried. Ariella though it sounded like an enchantress, one who liked to hurt lost children. But you aren’t lost! Oh really? Which way is to BuckleBerry? A part of her mind questioned. Yes, yes, I do. It’s… umm… Ariella’s mind spun, what way was towards BuckleBerry?

“I will get you!” it called for Ariella. Gasping for breath Ariella saw a silhouette of a house in the thick fog. Safety! Stumbling to the door she grasped the knob and turned it, the door swung open.

Ariella jumped in, slammed the door, and locked it. Breathing heavily, she glanced around the room. There wasn’t much in the house, a table and chair, a small kitchen, a bed and a writing desk. Ariella walked to the desk and looked at its contents. There was an ink bottle with a quill sticking out of it and a piece of blank parchment. She tried to open a drawer, but it was locked, along with all the others. As she tried the last drawer the back door swung open. Of course! The back door! It probably went around to the back!

“Is there a reason you’re in my house?” a man’s voice came from the door.

“Yes. Yes, there is a reason.” She trembled, “I was being chased by a most horrid thing!”

“Ah, I was wondering why RygOth was looking like the witch of the fog.”

“RygOth?’ Ariella asked, “who’s that?”

“Not a who, or a what, but both. She’s an old Valkyrie, tried to do too much magic at once, now she turns into the worst nightmare of the person that she’s hunting.”

“Hunting?” Ariella Gulped.

“Nothing to fear, she won’t be coming here as long as I’m here. I don’t believe we’ve introduced ourselves.” Taking off his gloves he, he said, “My name is Collin. What’s your’s?”

“Ariella.” She said sitting on one of the chairs next to the table.

“Ariel- no it can’t be! She wouldn’t have let her keep her name!” Collin said to himself.

“Is something wrong?” Ariella asked.

“Wrong-? no! no. Nothing’s wrong!” he said grabbing an apple out of his bag, “Apple?”

“You don’t seem fine.” She Stated.

“Yes, well it might seem that way, but really I’m fine! Can I ask you a question?” Collin Asked sitting on the other chair.

“Sure?” Ariella said taking the apple.

“Good. First Where are your parents?” he quickly asked, and was answered with silence, “Different Question?” his voice softened.

“I’m afraid I wont be able to answer vary many of your questions. I don’t remember much of my life.” Ariella breathed.

“It’s alright if you can’t answer any of the questions, is it alright if I ask another one?” he asked as he shifted in his seat, Ariella nodded, “Do you like this forest?”

“No! Well it wasn’t bad at first, then it got really creepy.” She recounted, “It was really pretty this morning, then the thing came, RygOth? Right?”

“Hmmm, What time is it?” he asked suddenly.

“I don’t know! Why all the questions?” protested Ariella.

“Because, well. I’m not sure I should tell you all of it but I think you might be a Valkyrie.”

Submitted: October 11, 2019

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Good chapter! Much better with your run on sentences! I look forward to your next chapter Mellon nin :)

Sat, October 12th, 2019 4:18am

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