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Chapter Six – The Forest of Tihar

“Did you sleep well?” Reana asked Cynthia as she woke up.

“Yes.” Cynthia replied yawning, “You?”

“I slept for a little while, but I had more pressing matters to attend to.” Reana said handing Cynthia a muffin. As the others around them woke two figures walked toward them, quarreling as they came.

“Well it’s not my fault you agreed las night- “

“That’s not what I mean! If you would just listen! Then- “

Just listen! I did, now you listen to me! -“

“I wonder what they are arguing about.” Cynthia commented, “They’re waking everyone up. We should go tell them to quiet down!”

“Yes. Let’s do that.” Reana said standing up. So, Cynthia and Reana walked over to the bickering women.

“You to don’t much care about all the sleeping people around you do you?” Cynthia huffed and stomped her foot.

“Hmm. And who’s your little friend here?” Thea coldly asked.

“Yes, well she’s- “Reana started to reply.

“Little! I’m not little tell her Reana! I’m getting really big! And if you don’t think so you should see me at school! I’m tallest in my class!” Cynthia courageously stood as tall ad she could, which was hardly taller than Thea’s waist.

“Reana, if we are to do as you plan, we need to leave immediately!” Thea ridiculed.

“Yes, yes.” Reana sighed and told Cynthia to say with her mother. Once Cynthia was gone the three walked away.


“It’s nearly dark and we’ve had no sign of her anywhere!” Alayah moaned.

“Not everywhere!”  Thea scorned, “We haven’t checked Tihar.” She hissed. It was silent for a long while. Then finally Reana spoke up.

“What! No! We all know that one, she would never go there, two nobody makes it out of that forest, three are you out of your mind?”

“Do you have any other ideas at where she could be?” Thea asked.

“Well… No.” Reana sighed.

“What! So we’re just going to run into the most dangerous place in the known world unprepared, in the middle of the night?” Alayah shrieked.

“Well. We are. If you want you can go back to the camp and stay there if you want.” Thea scoffed, “We’re going tonight, if Ariella is in there then we need to find her! Honestly. If it’s really that bad then think of how bad it must be for a twelve-year-old!”

“Ugg! You’re right we have to go tonight don’t we?” Reana moaned. Reana and Thea left their horses and started towards the forest.

“You coming?” Thea asked Alayah.

“Fine. I’ll come.” Alayah ran to catch up with them. They stopped just at the fringe of the forest.

“I don’t like the looks of this.” Reana commented.

“Do any of us?” Thea asked, “No. but we have to find her before she get hurt.”

 If she’s not dead yet. The thought bitterly. And with that the trudged in to the forest.



Submitted: November 01, 2019

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I am very interested to see where you will go with this. Update soon Mellon nin! :)

Fri, November 1st, 2019 8:00pm

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