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Chapter Seven – Forest Chaos

As the sun went down. Ariella and Collin had spent the day in the woods talking about various things. Collin told Ariella about the Valkyrie and Ariella told Collin about the town and her family.

They made it to the small cottage just as the last rays of light vanished. They went inside and ate a delicious meal of rabbit stew and bread. Once they had finished their meal Ariella realized how much walking they’d done, hit with a wave of tiredness she went to bed. Collin sat next to the table for a while them went to sleep to.



Creeping through the forest RygOth breathed in the fresh air. She felt it. She new it. Another one of these blundering humans had entered her forest. Annoying, yes. But terribly fun to scare. They always had the most interesting fears, the squirrels never had such exciting fears as the humans.

 She Quickly crept to where three humans stood. Blah. She thought. Not another one of those magickers! She focused on the nearest one, if she heard it right her name was Alayah. Digging into the human’s mind she found a load of fears, the Order of the White Dragon, gigantic spiders, loosing the ones she loved. RygOth pondered which one to do. Then she had it! Summoning her magic, she created a knight of the White Dragon, who could summon and control gigantic spiders. Once they started to panic, she would get them to lose sight of each other. Infront of her a man in a knight’s armor stood in front of her, the painting of the dragon on the breastplate shone with the light of the moon.

“Be on your way!” she hissed. The knight started towards the humans. She had hit a soft spot. They all screamed, and the chaos began.

Then it happened. Sparked flew, magic pounded at the knight and the spiders. The eerie glow of the magic made RygOth feel sick. She should have known; it must be another Valkyrie looking for adventure. No one else was foolish enough to come to this forest. Slinking back to her swamp she called home she was reminded of the one human who had been kind to her.



Ariella awoke to screams. Getting out of bet she hurried outside. It was dark and the light of the pail moon didn’t make it to the forest floor. She ran, heart pounding. Someone is in trouble! She thought. Tripping on a huge root she saw something glint in what little light there was. She stumbled to where she’d seen the glint. Kneeling she brushed back the leaves, not daring to breath.

Quickly she found a palm sized symbol with a beautiful light blue gem in the center. It looked as though it was carved on a rock. She decided to see if there were any other symbols, so she cleared the dirt and leaves more.

She found four more symbols around her, each one with a different color gem in the middle. Another scream brought her back to why she was there. She jumped up started to go when she spotted another gem, it was a brilliant white and it seems that it was glowing. She told herself to go and help the people, but the gem seemed to call her. Touch. It called. Feel. Ariella couldn’t resist. She reached out for the gem and placed a finger on it. Then she to joined the screams as her world went black.


Submitted: November 11, 2019

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Well done. Looking forward to reading more of Ariella's bravery, facing her fears.

Sat, November 23rd, 2019 12:12am

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