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Chapter Eight – Plans Gone Wrong

Deep in a cavern under the forest Ariella lay. Unable to move. She heard a tinkling every once in a while, but other than that all was silent. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light then it settled into a soft glow.

“Oh my!” a high pitched voice squeaked, “Felessa! Come quick! There’s a monster here!”

“Oh shut up! We got rid of the last longmarers.” Another high voice, Felessa, sounded.

“Let’s wake it!” the first one cheered.

“No! As you said, it could be a monster we’ve never seen before.” Felessa  scolded.

“I dare you to go up to it and wake it!” the first one giggled.

“Ugg.” Ariella moaned. She ached, and just wanted to sleep in a soft bed.

“Well. It’s already awake, soooo we should introduce our selves.” The first voice declared, and promptly went up to Ariella, despite Felessa’s protest.

“Hello…” she said and with a tiny finger poked Ariella’s shoulder. Ariella sat up slowly. Looking around she discovered that she was in a deep cavern, the walls were unnaturally smooth, and there was a patch of glowing mushrooms.

“Are you alright? You must have fallen from the forest port.” Felessa asked.

Ariella turned to see who was talking, and nearly fainted. Two small creatures hovered  before her. While staring at them one of them spoke up.

“My name is Anexa, and this is my round partner, Felessa.” 

For along while Ariella couldn’t speak, she just kept staring. The first creature, Anexa would have barely been able to span the long ways of her hand. She wore a light pink dress that had tassels at the bottom. A silver wire sparkled beneath her hair, and her pointed ears kept her short hair out of her eyes. Two silver grey wings flitted behind her making her ever more magical.

The other thing, Felessa, wore a slightly different dress that was light blue instead of pink, she also wore tiny slippers that matched her dress. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and hung well past her shoulders. She also had two silver grey wings. In her hand floated a glowing ball, which produced a soft yellow glow. Thin wires encircled the source as to keep the light inside contained.

“W- What are you?” Ariella finally stuttered.

“What are we?” Anexa repeated disbelievingly, “Why we’re pixies!”

“Whah? Like the tiny creatures that live in woods and have wings?” Ariella tried to make sense.

“Yep! But be Shure not to be confused with fairies! Way different.” Anexa corrected her.

“Ok…” Ariella said still confused and dazed. There’s a difference between pixies and fairies? She wondered.

“Anexa?” Felessa asked, “Can I speak with you for a moment?”

“Shure! See you in a minute!” Anexa cried cheerfully and turned around and fluted off into the dark.


Nothing had gone as planned. Of course! Then again she had been the one to say ok to go in to the forest. They’d barely set foot into the enchanted forest when a knight of the white dragon appeared! Alayah had screamed. Thea hit it with a lightning ball. And her self? Ran away. Now she was lost in the woods. Great! I set out to find some one I lost, just to loose two more people! Reana sighed. It was nearing dawn and she was very tired, so she decided to take the risk and try to sleep some.


Collin woke with a plan in mind. A test of sorts, to see who Ariella really was. But when he looked over to where he had seen her last, the pile of blankets on the floor, and saw her gone troubles filled his mind.

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