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Chapter Nine – Out of the Woods

Felessa and Anexa had been gone for quite some time now and Ariella was beginning to wonder if she should try and find a way out of the cave, but just as she was standing up the pixies came back.

“Sorry it took us so long! We wanted to make sure it was okay for you to come with us!” Anexa squealed, “Ok. Not to frighten you but we need you a bit smaller to be able to fit in any of our houses.”

And with that Anexa produced a glowing orb from her pocket. The orb was no bigger than a fingernail but produced a bright orange light. Ariella wasn’t sure what the pixies were going to do with it, so she just stood there, waiting. Anexa threw the orb at the nearest rock, and the orb exploded, filling the room with a bright light.

 Ariella felt very light and very tingly when she opened her eyes. She was now in a huge cave. Looking around further she found herself next to two giggling pixies. Then it hit her. She was the size of a pixy and quite likely had wings.

“Umm… Is this permanent?” Ariella asked.

“No, no! It will only last until you leave a pixy realm.” Felessa reassured.

“So… Do you live under ground?” Ariella asked with her mind filled with thoughts of a life with out ever seeing the sun.

“Do we… what!” Anexa spun around and once again stared in disbelief at the human. “No way! That would be the worst thing ever! We’ll just have to show you then!” and with that they started off.


Thea you fool! Thea thought as she ran through the forest. She had been the one to suggest that they look for Ariella here. Reana was right. We never should have come here!  She bitterly thought as she halted to a stop. Looking around she found that the forest was filled with the sound of birds, and the air once again felt fresh. Up ahead it looked as though there was a clearing, so she cautiously walked towards it.

When she stepped into the clearing, she was shocked at what she saw. She no longer in the woods. Now vast lush rolling hills met her. She had never been to this side of the forest. In fact, she had always tried to stay away from any of the magical forests. Maybe I should go back and try to find Reana and Alayah. Her mind wondered. Don’t be silly! That’s absurd! She argued with herself.

The sun was slowly setting, and Thea had no plans of staying up all night, so she headed away from the woods in search of a village.


Alayah stumbled onward, tripping on nearly every root. I could have stopped this! I’m the oldest. I’m supposed to make sure none of them get hurt! Her mind scolded, soon you’ll be the worst sister if they both die. You’ve already lost your youngest sister! No doubt she’s already dead.

She had been running for a long time with no change in scenery, but slowly the air felt fresher and she heard a stream trickling near by. Alayah had begun to feel safe when she stopped to look around. She no longer stood in the woods but in the burnt grass around where BuckleBerry had once stood.

Alayah gasped. There was a strong scent of ash, and the clearing was hazy with smoke. She hesitantly stepped forward; the burnt steams of grass cracked under her foot breaking the silence. I did this. Alayah drearily thought. Looking around she saw the remains of many houses, which looked ready to collapse at any moment.


After flying for some time Ariella and the two pixies arrived at their destination, a beautiful valley. There were many streams, all with houses along its shore. The houses were mainly underground, with arched doorways, each brightly painted. Stone paths meandered through gardens, between mushrooms and trees. The air was filled with the sweet sent of flowers, that made Ariella to just sit down and read forever.

Felessa and Anexa led Ariella to a huge tree, inside there was a huge hall where many other pixies gathered. On either side of the room elegant stairs slowly spiraled up the tree, this they climbed up.

“Why don’t you just fly? I mean you have wings.” Ariella asked.

“Well you see if we fly too much, we’ll become incapable of landing and not not flying.” Anexa explained.

At the end of the stairs, there was a tall set of double doors, which swung open upon their arrival. Ariella was not prepared for what she saw next.

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