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Submitted: October 27, 2018

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We are broken from the start because we are made from broken parts 

No matter what we do to fix ourself we find something else broken 

ONE problem two more pop up 

We try our hardest to never show our brokenness but in the end we fall to our knees 

And cry our hearts out when no one is around to see us at our lowest

Fake smiles and laughs to hide the fact that you don't want to hear it 

Wake up, wash your face and pull that mask from the hiding place behind the mirror 

And put it on before facing the mirror to show yourself that who you are to show yourself that who you should be 

I could never tell which way was up because i had already given up on trying 

I, myself am broken and to this i would never admit it 

And to this day i will never tell about this thing that weighs me down

Because I, myself am too broken the only thing i can do is hold out my hand to the next broken person and pull the from the ditch they dug for themselves

 I'm going to say this once more We are made from Broken Parts because we are broken from the start.

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