Why can't i think straight?

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Inside my Mind.

Submitted: October 25, 2018

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Submitted: October 25, 2018



Why can't I think straight?


My mind always puzzles me if death would be better than life
I cant see myself settling down, having kids and a loving wife.

My mind always confuses me on if I'm good enough.
Since my day to day life is getting kind of rough. 

My mind always questions me why are you here?
When the world your breathing on is your biggest fear.

My mind is the truth, it's getting hard to think straight
It seems to me up there is a better fate.

My mind is telling me it's time to let go
One last round of applause, it's the end of the show.

My mind has faded, everything's gone quiet
It's took control, it's become the pilot.

My mind has gone
My mind is now free
No longer will my mind be hearing from me.


Chloe Lewis

© Copyright 2019 chloelewis. All rights reserved.

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