Something about you

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There's is something about you. About your smile, laugh, voice, eyes. Something that makes me fall in love every single time. We fight we cues we say things we regret but in the end there is always something about you that makes me change my ways. I don’t know what this something is but I know it's there and I know all my problems get dumped on you but that’s because I want someone who won't say a word. Someone who will just sit and listen or read what I have to say. I don’t need someone who will give me everything in the world I want and I dint need someone who is perfect at everything I just need someone like you. I don’t need someone who cares about my problems just someone who will listen. People are afraid to tell me no but its life an I'm used to it so it don’t hurt to hear. People think I will get angry often but only if u do or say something I don’t like. I don’t need no prince charming or someone to treat me like I'm a queen I just want someone who treats me like others. Someone like you. 

Submitted: October 25, 2018

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