Smile for me again

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You're so good to me, and Iong for when you can be there for me again.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



You're so nice

So bright

And you've been so good to me


Watching you on your best behavior

Living with pride and with hope

Maybe if we were closer friends

I'd be green with envy


But such is the paradox

That I admired you from afar

And now I wish I could hug you

Or at least shake your hand


I do consider you my friend

But more than that, I really really want to be your friend

How else would I think of someone like you

Who has been so good to me

Despite never needing to?


I was afraid that maybe we were too distant

To truly be on an equal footing

And that fear has sort of come true

I don't hear from you as often

Or rather, my selfish wish of having you smile

To me, and just to me

Is no longer so easily satisfied


The realization does fill me with longing

But I know better than to be resentful

It was miraculous enough what you already did give me

And so, while I will never be so entitled as to demand it

I will continue to wait for the day

You can smile for me again


I know that your love is for far more people than me

And your admirers are so many in number

I know that I'm not entitled to any special attention

But I'll nonetheless be grateful whenever I get it


And I can always watch you from afar

Even when you cherish your life, or those you are truly closest to

It gives me hope and a warmth that my baggage and envy cannot take away from me

And for that alone I love you so much

Thank you, truly, for being a part of my life


And for seeing me for who I am

Even if it was for a few, wonderful moments

Moments that I will always hope for, to witness again

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