Ghost of You

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Never forget your loved ones that have passed away, for they will never forget you.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018




There is a tale of a ghost girl that walks across the field where wars took place. They say she died trying to find her lover. Nobody knows if her lover was a soldier or she was simply trying to escape with him from village that was under attack. Either way people still say they hear her calls to her lover. A young man who did not believe this story set out to find the ghost himself.


He journeyed to the field where she was most spotted which was not far from where his current town was. 

“Oh ghost I am here!” He called out in a sarcastic tone.

“Show yourself and prove I am wrong!” He shouted once more.


Before his very eyes a young girl appeared. He jumped back and fell to the ground. 

“What in Gods name?!” He shouted. 

She floated just above the ground. Her eyes were black and her skin was pale and see through. She worse a blue dress so light it looked like ice. She looked down to him with a sad expression. 

“I am lost.” She spoke 

Still alarmed the young man stood up slowly. 

“I did not believe you existed!” He pleaded.

“Please do not kill me!” He was so frightened he did not notice she had no intent of hurting him. 


She lowered herself down so her feet touched the ground. She wore no shoes and her white crystal hair still floated in the air. 

“I’m lost.” She said again as if those were the only words she knew. The young man took a few deep breaths. 

“Are you looking for your lost lover?” He asked. 

She nodded very slowly. 

“I am lost.” She said again. 

He was confused by this. She said she was looking for her lover yet she claimed she was the one that was lost. 

“Where are you trying to go?” He asked calmly with his heart still racing from seeing her. She pointed slowly to him. He looked behind him and then back at her. 

“Me?” He asked. 

He instantly suspected possession. He jumped and ran back a few feet. 

She lowered her hand and her hair that was once floated started to move down like normal hair. Eventually it sat against her back and blowed in the wind like normal hair would. She looked up at him. Suddenly her eyes that were black had color. Her eyes were green like emeralds. He tilted his head. 


“You look... human.” He said. 

She looked at him with a faint smile. 

“I’m lost.” 

Suddenly memories shot back to the young man. Her hair, her eyes, her voice. They all became clear. 


It was only 3 years ago a war was finally ending, but tragedy happened. He took a blow to the head from a stone after a cannon shot off in their small village. Houses, rocks, and even small trees were destroyed and thrown around. He survived the blow, but his lover was crushed under wood and stone. When he woke up he had forgotten about his lover he had lost his memory of her. For the sake of his health and stress his fellow villagers decided to not mention he had a lover to begin with let alone her death. Because he had forgotten her, her ghost began wandering. She had been forgotten and so she had become lost. 


“My love.” He said with a tear in his eyes. She smiled. With tears in her eyes she ran to him. He opened his arms. 


She ran into him. He glowed bright blue. His eyes turned blue like the sky. Together they spoke.


“Ghost of You.” 


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