R.I. P. Burt Reynolds - 1972 His Biggest Year

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Discover why Burt Reynolds biggest year was in 1972 when he was aged 36, which can often be the single biggest year in a person's life according to "Life Cycles Theory". Learn why my mathematically-based theory is so successful and read my books to learn much more.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



BURT REYNOLDS (1936-2018) R.I.P.

Burt Reynolds, the charismatic, mustachioed movie star known for films like “Deliverance”, “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Boogie Nights”, died Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 82.

This what the press reported. His D.O.B. was Feb. 11th, 1936, so the only question I have is what happened to him in his age 36 year (most of 1972)? That’s 1 single year out of 82. Was it a standout/breakthrough year like it was for so many, many well-known actors and others? I’m simply going to quote from the text of the article to prove my case.

“Reynolds got his start on the Sixties television show "Gunsmoke", but it was a run of films in the Seventies and Eighties that transformed him into one of the biggest stars in the world. His breakout film was the critically acclaimed Southern gothic thriller, "Deliverance".........”

“Nevertheless, Reynolds’ profile grew, thanks in part to a budding friendship with Johnny Carson and regular appearances on "The Tonight Show". In 1972, Reynolds even became the first non-comedian to fill in for Carson.
That year was Reynolds’ breakout. While "Deliverance" made him a movie star, he solidified his status as a sex symbol when he posed naked on a bearskin rug for the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan. A slew of leading roles followed………”

So here it is again folks! 1972 was “HIS BREAKOUT YEAR” “DELIVERANCE MADE HIM A MOVIE STAR”. In fact, I remember both seeing and being affected by this sombre and brooding tour-de-force of a movie. I used to refer to any overcast and shadowy forest vista as “Deliverance country”. Some movies achieve the rare distinction of surviving the passage of decades and still being relevant and shocking and this is one.

Of course, Burt still played his natural, happy-go-lucky self in the role, but towards the end even he showed his true dramatic potential. RIP Burt, you were a real character and the world does not have enough of people like you.

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