Neil Simon Meets Neil Killion

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Neil Simon is just another one of my sequential celebrity deaths, who shows a perfect correlation with "Life Cycles Theory". Read my evidence taken from press reports, including Variety Magazine. Then read my books to learn all about it.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



R.I. P. Neil Simon

Often things come in 3’s, so the saying goes and it was recently true with celebrity deaths. On the back of Aretha Franklin and John McCain, we then had the famous playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon. His work universally makes us laugh and includes such icons as Sgt. Bilko, The Odd Couple and movies like The Goodbye Girl. Although he lived to 91, my only question is simple :- “were there any standout events in his age 36 year?”

OK, he was born July 4th, 1927, so the period we will look at is July 1963 to July 1964. What do we find? Well in quite a few Obits, that I read, it states that this period saw the proper launching of his Broadway career with the opening of Barefoot In The Park on Oct. 23rd, 1963. It was his longest running hit, with over 1500 performances and was nominated for 3 Tony Awards in 1964. It catapulted him into the Big League.

I’ll quote from Variety magazine, the show biz bible, :- “followed by HIS FIRST MAJOR SUCCESS, “Barefoot in the Park,” in 1963. The comedy became one of Broadway’s longest-running legitimate plays, with 1,532 performances, and a smash film in 1967.” Pix magazine said, “it was his second play, "BAREFOOT IN THE PARK," THAT REALLY PUT SIMON ON THE MAP."

So there it is, even though it was his iconic hit The Odd Couple, that came a year later, Barefoot In The Park was his first major success.

Now I want to use some literary licence myself and conduct one of my imaginary interviews with Neil. Nothing like getting a couple of Neil's together….

“The Odder Couple - Neil meets Neil”

“Hi Neil, I hope you don’t mind me barging in like this. I just wanted to ask you something.”

“Yeah Neil, no it’s OK. It’ll liven things up a bit. Actually it’s kinda boring around here. I was expecting a lot more action and drama.”

“Well Neil, I have this theory about important events happening in people’s lives every 12 years and I particularly look for major events at the of age 36. That’s what I wanted to ask you about.”

“That’s it, is it? Not, you know, my greatest show or my brother Danny, or any of my wives? Are you some kinda actuary or accountant or something?”

“No my friend I’m a theorist about life. Plus where you are now, you’re not going to need life insurance.”

“OK, OK, lemme see. When I was 36 I had my first big-time hit with "Barefoot In The Park". Oh yeah, and my first movie when "Come Blow Your Horn" was released.”

“Well buddy that’s not bad for starters is it? Everyone agrees with this in your Obituaries, like they did in Variety magazine, which is the bible of the industry isn’t it?”

“So Neil, you’re saying, that just because I’m this age, that all this ‘crazy good’ shit happens? Sounds nuts ta me.”

“I agree, it also sounds nuts to me too, except it just keeps happening.”

“Say, have you talked with anyone else around here? There’s lots of us you know.”

“Oh, I know all that right. I only do the public personalities, that I can provide reliable and valid proof of, but you guys just keep popping off at the rate of knots.”

“Hmmm, Neil I sorta really like you. You’re a bit of a wacky, off-beat guy, I think I could do a play on you, you know.”

“That’d be an honour Neil. But you’d have play me ‘with a straight bat’. I don’t want to end up sounding like Sgt. Bilko or Oscar Maddison.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t worry I’ve got it. Now I know what your schtick is, lemme do my schtick. It’ll be you and me. You know, ‘Neil meets Neil’, the ‘Odder Couple’ or sumptin’......”

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