Aretha Franklin - The Day She Recorded R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

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Welcome to the day in Feb. 1967 when Aretha recorded Respect, her iconic hit and civil rights anthem. Learn why it correlates perfectly with "Life Cycles Theory" and her critical age of 36. Read my books to find out why I have irrefutable proof.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

Her most iconic lyric line is :-
Find out what it means to me.”

However, in terms of “Life Cycles Theory” my version would be :-
Find out what it means to me.”

Let’s have a look at the ever-popular Aretha’s two early “Years of Revolution” at 24 and 36 when most of her era of major achievement happened. She was born March 25th, 1942, so we will be looking for achievements and new eras in the periods Mar. 1966 to Mar. 1967 and secondly Mar. 1978 to Mar. 1979.

Firstly in Nov. 1966 Aretha decided to sign with Atlantic Records after 5 years with Columbia. It was said in one biography that, “when she signed with Atlantic she was without any artistic had been 5 years since she had an R&B Hit and her recent recordings were a peculiar mix of show tunes and schmaltz.” In short, she was largely undiscovered and her heart was simply not in these genres.

Producer Jerry Wexler sat her down at the piano and let her gospel rhythms and raw delivery flow and the stream of hits began... When did Aretha decide to do her own version of Otis Redding’s song Respect? When did she decide to add her own iconic "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." chorus? That would be just 3 months later on Feb. 14th, 1967 when she was still in her age 24 “Year of Revolution”.

There it is all laid out for you. Her “Moment of Frustration/Setback” would be when she knew she had had enough of her time with Columbia and her “Moment of Achievement/Breakthrough” would be when she recorded her own version of Respect in one moment of one day in Feb. 1967.

So, what next when she was in her age 36 “Year of Revolution”? For many entertainers and athletes, who have their major achievements at 24, they then have a rather lacklustre change to a new era at 36. You can read about it in Life Cycles – Relationships. This includes people like Prince and George Michael and many, many others. So where does this leave Aretha?

Well after 12 years and all of her big hits behind her, she left Atlantic in 1979 after her last two albums bombed during her age 36 “Year of Revolution” (Mar.1978 to Mar.1979). She became a victim of the widespread popularity of disco. She went on to sign with Arista and had some success, but largely with covers and special events.

So there it is again isn’t it. A 12 year journey with Atlantic and legendary producer Jerry Wexler comes to an end at 36, after beginning at 24. An end not of her making, but one which arrived right on schedule. Is it any wonder I say to you,

Find out what it means to me.

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