Anal Hair

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Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



Anal Hair


 The Hunchback Of Oblivion fries his brain in the Chemist

Shop of Constant Rain each weeknight when he forces

the dangerous drugs mirror open and finds a large supply

of Halloween masks tattoed to a cyclonic fan powered

By thai heroin....

  The owner of the chemist shop Mr Speckled Dog Balls On

Low Heat is a well know orgasm abuser and user of 

deep rainbow boredom as a remedy for toxic masculinity...

  The hunchback and the chemist have been loopy lovers

for leap years now and plan to give birth to a eight armed

genderless albino doppleganger at this year's Mardi Gras,

weather permitting....

  Here they are now in bed together both stoned on fairy

dust and giving eachother decapitated head while chewing

on monstrous qualities of glitter gum...

  It's reassuring that not every creative genius and member

of the square circle wacademic community is worried about

catching some inconvient sexual disease from cutting their

own throats....

  I'll leave you now, I've got chores to do in the graveyard sexshop

with Madonna's ancient rancid underwear, till they are ready

to play some other frivolous roles in this drugged out night

of anal hair...Till then Poof!

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