Surrounded by Molesters

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My true untold story. Not looking for hate.

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018



My family, well the family that I know, hate girls born. The only person who cares for the girls born is my mother, uncle, and well that’s all. You see my mothers side of the family only ever wanted boys, and when my mother was born my grandma wasn’t too happy for that occasion. She wanted a boy and that is what she got, but what she wanted ends up being the only thing that didn’t want her.

My mother grew up in spite of her mother not wanting her. She went through school trying to be the best, but her brother was always praised by her mother. The only person who took notice to her was her grandfather. He would always tell her nice thing and give her things, until one day he went too far. He started touching her and forcing her to do things she didn’t want to. She tried reaching out to her family but they did nothing to help. She started acting out getting into trouble the more those events occurred.

Soon she was sent to an all girls home. She would finish her whole high school years there.

By the time she started college she has gotten pregnant with this guy she hung out with, and not long after having the baby her father died, forcing her to see her mother again. She really didn’t stay around with her mother long after that. She had met some friends to spend her time with.

There years later she had her second child, me. By this time her mother had remarried to a man she didn't know but paid no mind to it. She started seeing her mother me mainly so us kids can see our uncle, in my opinion. Me being young then all I saw I never really comprehend until I looked back a few years later. I had unknowing saw the molestation of my older sister by her grandfather. My sister never told any till she was 17 years old, but by that time my grandma and her disgusting lover were out of her lives. He did more to our family then molest but that's a new story.

Now let's backtrack my sister is six again and that makes me three. Like I said earlier my mom mad some friends and me and my sister hung out with their two kids our age. We would all go and hang out on vacation at her mother's house every once or twice a year. Of one year I went and my mother's friends husband brought his son from a previous marriage with all of us. Everyone but their grandma, me, and that boy stayed home. We were jumping on the trampoline and when we got tired we sat on the bench, with their grandpa cleaning the garage.

After sitting there for a little bit he turns to me and asked “Can I touch you there?” and I said yes. If I had known at the age of 3 what he had meant I would have said no, but I didn’t know. (I’m not saying this to be like if something bad happened to me I’m just trying to say that kids make stupid choices and should be watched.)

Years later I had found out I was the let’s say the “final victim” meaning that my sister and our friend was both touched by him and never told. I was the one to stop him and make him get help when I never would have had to go through that if they had told before me, I would be free of the memory.

Many, many years later my mom had this old friend she met in high school. He was a married man with two or three kids. One night he told his wife he was out with the boys but came over to our house. He got her drunk and had sex with her while I and my sister were in the house. Leading to my little sister with over a decade age difference.

(Now the information in between my next story is not needed so we are skipping to 4 years)

We moved after a few years to live with my mother's aunt, my great-aunt, with her husband and 3 adopted kids. One a girl who she discriminated against. In her eyes, her two boys did no wrong even when one started doing inappropriate things to the girl. She said they would fix the problem in the family, meaning she yelled at the girl for letting it happen.

(That’s the backstory)

When my sister was four my mother walked into her aunt's house to pick up my sister seeing a sight that split our family farther apart. My little four-year-old sister was pulling up her pants with one of the boys in the room. My sister told my mother what happened and my mother notified the police. No serious action was taken since the boy had mental problems and it was concluded he had no idea what he was doing, but in my eyes he did.

Today we have no contact with anyone but my uncle on my mothers side of the family. My sister (older) has cut herself off from the family after many mental episodes. Only my little sister, mother, uncle, aunt (married my uncle) and I have any communication with each other. The people who did us all wrong cut from our lives never to be mentioned again.


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