A Dark Side of Men’s World

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Ishita and Sonam are good friends and work in the same MNC in Gurgaon. They don’t hesitate to share even their intimate secrets. Ishita reveals to Sonam that before they met, she had a love affair with a classmate while studying in the graduate college in Aligarh. It had been a nightmarish experience as he was an alcoholic and used to abuse her physically and emotionally. One day, she gathered enough courage to break up with him once and for all. After that, she joins the MBA course in New Delhi. She and Sonam become good friends while pursuing MBA course. They both join the same MNC. Later Ishita is transferred on promotion to Canada. The story runs like ……….

Submitted: October 26, 2018

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Submitted: October 26, 2018






Part - 1

Ishita and Sonam are having dinner in the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. They both are employed in an MNC – Ishita as Finance Manager and Sonam as HR Manager. Both have been old friends since they studied together and achieved their MBA degrees from a reputed college in New Delhi. They share a room in a Working Ladies Hostel.

Their friendship is quite close as they trust each other beyond any doubt. They don’t hesitate even to share their intimate secrets.

Today, Sonam discloses to Ishita: “Rahul – the head of the HR department – has been asking me for a dinner date, which I have been putting off, giving odd reasons. But he doesn’t understand that I am not interested to have a date with him. I just don’t know how to get him off my back. I don’t want to offend him since he is my boss.”

Ishita says, expressing dismay: “But, Sonam, he is already married and has two children.”

Sonam agrees: “That is why I have been putting off the dinner date. I don’t know how to convey my unwillingness to him.”

Ishita assures her: “Don’t worry Sonam; my cousin lives near the residence of Rahul. They, in fact, know each other pretty well. I will speak to my cousin to convey your unwillingness to Rahul for such a date. I hope that he will be able to make Rahul understand your predicament. OK, stop sulking and let us enjoy the dinner.”

On being assured by Ishita, Sonam relaxes and they both relish their favorite dishes. After dinner, they savor their favorite ice-creams at the ice-cream parlor. Then they hire a cab to go to their hostel. After a change of clothes, Sonam puts on TV to watch her favorite daily soap opera. Ishita doesn’t like such soap operas. She asks Sonam to put off the TV as she would like to share an intimate secret of her life, which she had been hiding all along.

Ishita reveals: “It happened before we met and became good friends. I had fallen in love with a class-fellow of mine, named Atul while studying in a graduate college. We were madly in love and gradually our emotions for each other became more intense. One day, I surrendered myself emotionally and physically to him. Over time, our physical intimacy became more frequent. I used to be on cloud nine and was happiest when I was with him.”

“Gradually, he began exploiting me in many ways. Then I came to know that he had an intractable drinking habit. He used to abuse me physically when he was under the effect of alcohol. When he was sober, he used to lust after me. I was only an object for emotional and physical abuse. My dreams, which I had woven around us, were all shattered to smithereens.”

“One fine morning after a restless night, I garnered enough courage to break up with that sociopath once and for all. After that, I never looked back. I left my hometown of Aligarh to join MBA course in New Delhi. And I met you here to write a new chapter of my life. Those old painful memories have receded back somewhere in a tiny recess of my mind. Whenever I happen to reckon those painful memories, I have a feeling of pity for him rather than a feeling of hatred.”

Sonam feels emotionally exhausted after listening to the traumatic experiences of her close friend. Their warmth of intimacy always comforts each other. They snuggle to each other to soothe their emotional disturbance and slowly slip into a deep sleep.

Next morning, Ishita reveals while having their bed tea: “Sonam, my attitude has completely changed towards men in general after that awful incidence. I know that all men are not like Atul. Since then I have been quite wary when associating with men.”

Ishita continues: “Sonam, as you know, I am an advocate of empowerment of women. I want to be so self-empowered that I won’t be an extension of somebody else’s personality. I am not against marriage at all but I would marry a man, who would have no qualms marrying me as I am.”

Sonam says: “Hats off to my braveheart! Let’s get ready for the office before we are late.”

After a week or so, Sonam says: “Ishita, it seems that your cousin has successfully conveyed my stance to Rahul because he has stopped pestering me for a dinner date. He has also been behaving as if he isn’t offended by shaking him off my back.”

Ishita replies: “Good, he has understood. But be careful because he is not as conscientious as you think.”

Ishita’s presumption is quite correct as Rahul has started making things difficult for Sonam in the office in subtle ways, which others can’t detect. Sonam has even been usurped for a promotion by a girl, who happens to be less qualified and less experienced. This has made her quite upset but she doesn’t protest lest she might make the situation worse. Sonam still continues facing many problems created by Rahul in the office.

After one and a half years, she finds that the atmosphere in the office has become quite stifling for her. So she decides to change the job. She has no difficulty in finding a new job because of high qualification and good work experience. She joins another MNC as Manager HR in Gurgaon and heaves a sigh of relief after getting rid of Rahul.  

While Sonam had been struggling with her problems, Ishita has been busy with empowering herself. Because of hard work and diligence, she is offered an opportunity to work as Senior Manager Finance in the same MNC at Ottawa in Canada. She jumps at the opportunity. When she informs Sonam, she also feels very happy and tells her to accept the offer without dilly-dallying. Next day, Ishita gives her acceptance for the job offer.  

Finally, the D-Day comes for the departure of Ishita to Canada. Sonam accompanies her to the New Delhi international airport. It is a very emotional moment for both since two close friends have to part with each other. They both hope that their parting will be for a short period and they will be together again. When an announcement is made for the passengers to go, both hug each other with tears rolling down their cheeks. After Ishita leaves, Sonam feels a sudden void in her life.

Part – 2

As soon as Ishita reaches Ottawa, she phones to Sonam informing her of safe arrival. She hangs up promising to talk about all in detail once she settles down in Ottawa. She has been provided a temporary accommodation in a guest house, from where she will be shifted to her official residence as soon as it is ready.

Next day, she goes to the office to take over the charge. Everyone welcomes her showing their happiness to have her amongst them. She adjusts easily to the new environment of the office as all are congenial and amiable.

A couple of days later, she has a long talk on the phone with Sonam, exchanging a lot of information. Sonam informs her excitedly that she has fallen in love with a colleague, named Rajan. Ishita feels happy for her since she deserves some happiness after all the problems she has faced recently.

Sonam is so enamored with Rajan that she blindly agrees to what he says. One day, she suggests that they should inform their parents about the love affair so that they can go ahead to plan their marriage. Ratan avoids her suggestion, pleading that he is not yet ready for it. Again when she broaches the subject of their marriage, Ratan suggests that they should get into a live-in arrangement till the time he is really ready for the marriage. Sonam readily agrees to it.

They start having a live-in arrangement in an apartment near their office, which they rent. Sonam is so happy to be living with her prince charming. Within a short period, her happiness begins to evade her because she discovers that Rajan is a drifter and leaves her alone for days together without informing her. When he comes back, he doesn’t give a satisfactory answer to his absence.

This has become a source of great worry for her. Meanwhile, she finds out that she has become pregnant. She tells Rajan about pregnancy. But he doesn’t change himself even though he is going to be a father.

This worries her so much that one day she takes her parents into confidence and narrates everything to them. They are flabbergasted to learn everything. They then admonish her severely for her mistake, which might change her life for the worse. After the things cool down, they suggest that they must get married officially.

When Sonam insists that they get married soon, Rajan just disappears, leaving her stranded in life forever. All her efforts to trace the whereabouts of Rajan fail. Finally, she resigns herself to fate. At the same time, she takes a firm decision that she would give birth to the baby, come what may. Although her parents are very much upset due to the unpleasant developments, they support unreservedly their only daughter.

After six months, a lovely female baby is born to her. Her happiness knows no bounds. She resolves firmly that she would leave no stone unturned for the best upbringing of her daughter.

Because of stress and tension, Sonam’s communication became less frequent with Ishita, who, being quite busy herself, couldn’t contact her often. But she had come to know about Sonam’s sorry state of affairs she had landed herself into. Slowly, their communication ceased altogether.

Sonam moves to New Delhi and starts living with her parents along with Sara her daughter. She has joined another MNC there.  

15 years later -  

Sara has grown into a beautiful girl and has taken after her father in looks. Sara has recently passed High School securing 95% marks from a reputed school in New Delhi and plans to study for a Ph.D. in Economics.

Once, Sonam is shopping for some books for Sara with her in a big bookstall. All of a sudden, she comes across an international magazine with the photo of Ishita on its cover with a caption – New CEO. She opens it up to find that Ishita has become the CEO of the MNC she has been working in. This triggers a flashback of her old memories with Ishita in her mind.

She tells Sara proudly: “Ishita is your Aunt. She was my best friend at one time when I also worked in the same company in Gurgaon. Later, she was promoted and transferred to Canada. Now she has become the CEO of the same company.”

As soon as she reaches home, she searches out Ishita’s phone number and gives her a call. Ishita is so excited to get a call from her best friend at one time.

Sonam congratulates her and they have a long talk, either of them filling in what all transpired during the period they hadn’t communicated. Ishita expressed her sadness for what had happened in her life 15 years ago. She found that Sonam is very happy to have a teenage daughter, who is doing very well in studies.

After about a month, Ishita phones to Sonam, unable to suppress excitement: “Sonam, there is a possibility we old friends can meet again if you wish so.”

Unable to understand, she questions: “What is the possibility? How can we meet each other? I won’t miss such a possibility.”

Ishita tells her to listen carefully: “There is a suitable job opening for you here in Ottawa in a reputed company. She explains her in detail about it. She motivates her to come over and assures that Sara will have no problem in getting admission to a college in the stream she wants to. You both will have no problem with accommodation as I have a big apartment; I am single and live alone.”

Sonam tells her: “OK, done! We old good friends will meet again shortly.” 




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