A Short Stay

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Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Time and space took some bags on our journey,

All of us made some footprints on these sands,

Here hardwork saved for the next day make us worthy,

They who paid wages needed to sell themselves for living,

Some bags are always so crazy beyond this reality,

I requested God to water our start from a dream,

Made in heaven where they roll out many stars in the night sky,

Migrate beyond our vision wherever they shine in the daylight,

Far light falls on the sweat of a short stay,

Here dreams are bought for a price,

Something in those bags told about necessity,

When I tried to search for a drop of this reality,

Events many stories tell us,

Ask why our history always together goes for those crazy dreamers,

Who untolded their experiments like a far near togetherness,

Only waiting for the search of a dream lived awake,

I tried stop feeling there is anything left,

I raised my emotions through things unseen in those bags,

Everywhere there came new visitors,

Who felt our happiness trusts some strange pursuits travelling untold,

I felt alone in some gestures that made those bags,

There were some who thought life skips nowhere nothing will be so crazy,

They wanted God to be a dreamer,

And our teacher who made those crafts,

Angels who will enlighten our ends for a short stay,

Will be raised for a beginning history may be the soul,

And time will be the big picture,

I wanted to walk through this blackboard of space,

My walking stick was the faith within,

And my vision was blind,

Only I felt everything so strange,

Never missed in a dream,

Yesterday when death haunted its final frills,

I felt life is born here for these wildness never lost,

Where happiness worth its start,

And sadness lost its worth,

In everything one plan sleeps over our destiny,

Some say we will be back together for this reunion,

Yet I wanted God for this strange home,

Where we will be worthy for a new dream,

A time when those mines will be a fortune unending,

Where history will recall those space unraised,

Let us answer this lifeline for these events,

In a short stay I handed over some counts for peace,

These bags felt those beats,

And I prayed my thanksgiving prayer for new days,

Where hope will being a lifeline for all,

And joy the heart treasures will enlighen ever delight for one desire,

May the great love never imprisons us,

Only faith be its chains,

And the peace be our lifeline we are blessed here,

Let these sundials renew our story with those grants. 

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