My Despicable Life Story 5

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Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Margo - Okay you can do this;


She slowly walks in;


Margo - That was easy;


She walks along the hall way when her phone rings in her backpack;


Margo takes her backpack off;


She opens it and takes out her phone;


She answers;


Margo - Hello;


Lucy's voice - Are you in the building?


Margo - Yes,


Lucy's voice - Good, now find your locker;


Margo arrives at the locker area;


She begins looking at the lockers;


Margo - Okay I am at the locker area;


Lucy's voice -Okay now find locker 125;


Margo - I found it;


Lucy's voice - Good, now create a combination code that you can easily remember and you are good to go;


Margo opens the locker;


She closes her backpack and puts it in the locker;


A boy with short blonde hair eating an apple was walking along the corridor;


He sees Margo;


He approaches her;


Boy - There is a group of shallow girls heading this way;


Margo turns to the boy;


Margo - Excuse me?

Boy - Hurry up before they get here;


Margo - I don't understand;


Boy - No time to explain close your locker and come with me you don't want to be a victim of their shallowness;


Margo - Okay if you insist;


Margo closes her locker;


The boy takes Margo by the hand


The two of them walk to a nearby corner;


Boy -I can see your new here;


Margo - Yes;


Boy - I’m Justin;


Margo - Margo;


Boy - Nice to meet you;


Margo - So tell me more about these shallow girls?


Boy - They call themselves the Mist;


Margo - The mist?


Boy - They are shallow to anyone from geeks to religious people and beyond;


Margo - Okay;


Boy - There was a kid last year that was bullied by one of the mist girls so badly he took his own live;


Margo - Really;


Boy - Just because he had a six pack;


Margo - A what;


Boy - A six pack;


Margo - What is a kid doing with that kind of body?


Sound of talking;


Boy - There coming stay quiet until they pass;


Girl 2- My god did you see the amount of spots that boy had on his face?


Girl 3 - Talk about disease;


Girl 1 -And that girl with the headscarf on her head who does she think she is and old lady?


Girl 4 - And that boy that thinks he's all that with a smartphone that came out like two years ago;


Girl 5 - What a loser.


The 5 girls walk by;


The coast is clear I will walk you back to your locker;


The two of them walk back over to the locker area;


Margo takes her combination lock;


Boy - Make sure the number is complicated which only you can remember I will stand here once you’re done;


Justin turns;


Margo puts her combination lock back on her locker;


Margo - Done it;


Boy - That was fast;


Margo - So, how old are you?


Boy- I don't like to say my age;


Margo - Are you 13?


Boy - How did you guess?


Margo - By the sound of your voice;


Boy - Well my voice is pretty deep Margo I hope you don't mind me asking do you have a boyfriend?


Margo - Boyfriends are the least of my worries;


Boy - So I take that as a no;


The girls came walking back;

Boy - Come I will walk you to class;


Justin and Margo began walking;


Boy – Whatever you do don't make eye contact just keep walking;


The girls walk past Justin and Margo;


Girl 5 – Elves;


The girls began laughing.


Rudi in his father's car;


Rudi's father – Why a long face?


Rudi – Don't you think I made the right choice?


Rudi’s father – About what;


Rudi – Choosing Michelle over Margo;


Rudi's father – I am not the one to judge whether you made the right choice or not;


Rudi – Just tell me father did I make the right decision;


Rudi's father – Do you really want my honest opinion;


Rudi – Yes;


Rudi’s father – No comment;


Rudi – How could you say that father?


Rudi's father – You just said you wanted my honest opinion;


Rudi – Yeah, but do you have to be so blunt about it;


Rudi's father – I see what is going on here you are stuck in a bubble between Michelle and Margo;


Rudi – I am so confused;


Rudi's father – Let me break it down for you Michelle is French Margo is not;


Rudi – She can be tort;


Rudi's father – Second Michelle is around your age;


Rudi –Margo turned 13 last week;

Rudi's father – You are both still contacting each other?


Rudi – Only by text;


Rudi's father phone rings;


Dru appears on the screen;


Dru – I am freaking out someone is trying to break into my mansion;


Rudi's father – Is this another false alarm?


Dru – This is not a false alarm someone is really trying to break into my mansion;


Rudi's father – Calm down Dru let me just drop my son at school and I will come right over;


Dru – Please hurry;


Dru disappears from the screen; the car turns to a large gate;


The gate opens the car drives in;


Rudi's father – Don't let your feelings for Margo or Michelle affect your day;


Rudi – Yes father;


The car stops;


Rudi opens the door;


He steps out;


A girl comes running over to him;


Rudi – No way;


She hugs him;


Michelle – Surprise;


Rudi –I thought you flow back to Japan;


Michelle – My father was offered a job here in the US which means no more chatting on line;


Rudi's father begins talking to Michelle in French;


Michelle talks back in French;


She lets go of Rudi;


Michelle – Two friends made for each other I am so happy to finely be with you;


Rudi – Yeah, same here;


Rudi's father – I will pick you up at 4:00pm;


Michelle – Oh don't worry I will ask my father to do that;


Rudi’s father – Fair enough have a great day at school;


Rudi closes the car door;


The car reverses and turns;


The car drives away;


Michelle – So how was your weekend?


Rudi – It was okay;


Michelle – What did you get up to?


Rudi –Nothing much I just sat at home and watched a movie with my father;


Michelle – Is that all?


Rudi – Yes;


Michelle – You did not go to the mall or the park?


Rudi – No;


Michelle – Not even to the Ice cream Pala?


Rudi – Not even there;


Michelle – Are you down?


Rudi – I am fine;


Michelle – Good, because I have something to tell you I have started my time of the month which means I can have my first kiss;


Rudi – First kiss;


Michelle – And be educated about the birds and the bees;


Rudi – Bird's and the bees?


Michelle – Oh yes;

Margo in class;


The teacher – who can tell me what this,


The classroom door slowly opens;


A boy with light brown hair and light blue eyes walks into the classroom;


The teacher – What time do you call this!


Boy – Levi time;


The other children laugh;


The teacher – It’s your future going down the drain take your seat;


The boy walks over to the back of the classroom;


He sits down by then the children had stopped laughing;


He takes out his laptop;


Margo looks at Levi;


Justin to Margo – If you're thinking of being friends with him my advice to you is no;


Margo turns to Justin;


Margo to Justin – Why?


Justin to Margo – He’s a bad person;


Margo to Justin – In what why;


A pencil hits Justin at the back of his head;


Levi’s voice – Stop talking about me;


Justin to Margo – You know that laptop he uses he games on it during class;


Margo to Justin – Games on it;


Justin to Margo – Yes;


Girl next to Levi – EW I am sitting somewhere else;


The girl gets up and sits at another table;


Justin to Margo – Welcome to high school Margo;


Edith and Agnes in the car;


Gru – Why a sad face?


Agnes – It’s not the same without Margo;


Edith – Who is going to protect us from the drama during elementary school?


Lucy – You will see her at home;


Gru – It’s not like she is going to sleep there;


Edith – I am going to call her;


Lucy – No Edith put your phone away;


Edith – But I want to call her;


Gru – Just put your phone away;


Agnes on her laptop;


Gru – Agnes, what are you doing?


Agnes – Nothing;


Gru – Put your laptop away;


Agnes closes her laptop;


She puts it in her backpack;


Lucy – I and your dad are going to be away for the weekend;


Edith – Where are you both going?


Gru – To New York;


Agnes – For a break or is it work related?


Lucy – Both;


Edith – So I guess your friend is coming over this Friday to look after us;


Lucy – Not this time;


Gru – Uncle Dru is going to look after you girls;


Agnes (excited) – Uncle Dru is coming over!


Edith – I hope he brings us gifts;


Agnes – And candy;


Gru – I’m sure he will;


Edith – Does he know that Margo is in High school?


Agnes – He will know;


The car turns into a parking lot;


Gru – Alright girls we are at the school;


Lucy – Have a great day;


Edith and Agnes remain seated in the car;


Gru – Girls;


Lucy – It is time to go into school;


Edith – Oh right sorry;


Edith opens the car door;


She climbs out along with Agnes;


Edith closes the car door;


The car drives away;


Edith and Agnes walk over to the school entrance;


The two of them walk into the school;


Edith – I am getting bad vibes;


A boy with spots on his face and braced teeth walks over to Edith and Agnes;


He throws a book in front of Edith;


Boy – Oops, I have seemed to have dropped my French study book could you be a dear and pick it up?


Edith kicks the book to one side;


Edith – If this is your way in asking a girl to be your friend it is not the right way;


Boy – Who said I wanted you to be my friend;

Edith – Then why did you throw that book?


Boy – To prove that you are sexist;


Edith – What is throwing a book in front of me got to do with me being sexist?


Boy – So it’s okay for a girl to drop a book on the floor and a boy picks it up but it is not okay for a boy to do the same to a girl;


Edith – You’re weird;


Boy – No you’re weird;


Edith and Agnes walk away;


Boy – Loser;


The boy goes over to the book;


He picks it up;


Edith and Agnes arrive outside a classroom;


Edith – I will see you later;


Agnes – Okay;


She turns and goes into the classroom;


All the children in the classroom turn to Agnes;


The teacher – Hello Agnes welcome to the class;


A girl with red hair wearing pink cat ears walks over to Agnes;


Girl – You’re a bit small to be a 1st grader;


Agnes – I will grow;


Girl – Really how many feet 2 or 3?


Boy – Rebecca;


Girl – Shut up Marvin can’t you see I am talking?


Girl 2 – Don’t mind Rebecca she’s a poopy dinosaur;


Girl – Well at least I am not a monkey like you;


Girl 2 – I am so glad we are not best friends;

Girl – Good, because who wants to be friends with a frog like you;


Boy – This is going to be a long day;


Edith was walking along the corridor over to a classroom;


She opens the door;


Edith – Morning;


The teacher – Morning Edith;


She sits down;


Boy – Did you have a nice summer vacation?


Edith – Yes;


Boy – Good, because my summer vacation was rubbish;


Edith – Why was it rubbish?


Boy – I went to Florida got sick, my dog died, my father lost his budget Airline pilot job because the company went bust, my mum is in Singapore, and my brother was rushed to hospital because he was involved in a car accident;


Edith – Oh, sorry to hear that;


The teacher – Okay class who can solve this math question;


The class stuck their hands up.


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