Higher in Darkness

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This short story is based upon a character from a vampire novel I'm currently writing.

Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



To us, the setting sun is of comfort, it is a space of calming certainty felt within, one which confirms that darkness will embrace.

I was born in 1515 in the city of London, becoming transformed into a Higher Being shortly after my twenty-first birthday.

Called beautiful by the many young men who had courted me, I always took their flattery in stride, for I already knew that I was, and as a consequence I accepted their favors quite naturally. You see, I was here upon earth in this life to taste and to touch, to feel and know all of pleasure that I could during my short time of youth, for the force of aging and the permanence of death was something which I also understood as a reality of life.

As a result, I lived fully in every moment, going where I wanted in complete freedom, unrestrained and uninhibited.

It was in a sunset park found within the heart of Paris, there where he approached me. He was older than my father, dressed in a fashion which was very out of date, but it also related that he was a gentleman, one of cherished antiques, those which forever resonate as valuable because of the history which they reflect.

Coming to the bench I sat upon, sensing him I turned, and looking up I was greeted by his welcoming smile in the near dark, the first star beginning to be seen above and behind him. As I remember it now, it was a brilliant sign of who I was meant to be, one who will shine in the darkness forever.

Staring up at him, he gazed down at me, his face fading in the twilight as my eyes meant for day began to fail me. I couldn’t see his smile any longer, but I could hear it in his tone as he spoke.

"You daughter are a living work of art…created by the hands of God himself.”

As he stood before me he was so puzzling, and with his compliment which was not anything of the flattery young men would use to earn my favor, my curiosity about him grew.

I paused for a moment, “thank you…” my voice had a ring of humility as I answered, and I surprised myself as I heard it.

He continued to gaze down, “things of true beauty should last…they should be eternal.” He seemed so sad and calm, and reaching out his hand to me he waited, “will you let me show you something of that eternity…” And as more stars appeared above, I hesitated for only a moment and taking hold of it, I rose then followed as I let him lead me home.

Sitting at his table in his rooms he gave me wine as he spoke of growing old and passing, and of all turning into dust. For a time there was silence between us, then reaching over he took my hand, “will you allow me daughter…will you let me keep you forever the lovely being which you are meant to be?”

Quietly he spoke again of eternity, and as he held my hand I felt the cold of his touch, and with it I knew the truth, that some are brought forth to be higher. And on that night my dear, dear gentle man became my sire.

He transformed me into something beyond the common dread and far past the weak willed which we feed upon, and now as a Higher Being I began to understand the actual reality of humanity.

After the change he revealed to me the truth of the Darkness, and when I rose, together we made our way to the back alley of the prostitute, there where the cobblestones echoed with the pain filled footsteps of the most desperate of  the Deep, as they were used by the dregs of the earth in some of the lowest forms of degradation.

And as he showed me the world of night, I saw that it was here that blood was more than shed, it flowed, and it was not only of the body, but also of the spirit bleeding out into the darkness.

It was in that space of human depravity that I had my first feed; the blood I dined upon stank of abuse and greed and uncontained lust, and it filled me, tasting again of the sustenance of truth. My hunger ended then as the starvation of doubt left me, freeing me of all human morality, those lies mortals use when it suits, and are quickly done away with when it doesn’t.

Humanity feeds upon itself and it is not any of wholesome or nourishing food. The mortals kill each other, in war, in the alleyway of the street walker and in so many other ways each and every day somewhere upon the earth. They are lower beings and we of night are so much higher as we live in the space of darkness.

If and when they ever do cease the destruction done among themselves through their will alone, only then will it become a cause for debate of just who is existing in a superior state, those of the mortal realm or the undead.

The Higher Beings need blood to live, it is crucial for our continuance. The Lower Ones shed it in vain, as much as the might deny it, they do, and they will continue on until the earth is no longer.

We are the ones of eternity, and I Camille know it will always be so.




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