August 21st

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I wrote this poem looking back on a how my attitude had changed so much so quickly upon the realization that I had actually found someone to love and love me back in return.

Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Faded away were the echoes of her fears.

The ones that taught her to hide how she felt

And cover it up for years.

Those that once suffocated her like a too-tight belt

Have taken form elsewhere.

The girl that believed she’d never find love,

Or even some sort of genuine care,

Found something that fit like a glove.

For every bone that she broke on the pavement glazed with her self-doubt,

He mended with his voice, that wrapped around her without his knowing.

Because on the 21st night of August she found where everything else sprouts.

Her light was no longer a dim flame; from miles away you can see it glowing.

And when the echoes changed, they found sound in his voice.

The voice that sounded out the echoes of her desolant heart,

The voice that reassured her during every once indecisive choice,

The voice that told her to chase her dreams, even if they’d be apart.

Now when she woke, she knew she no longer had to dream of ideas of somethings,

Because she had found someone who was more than just a thought

And worth more than a week-long obsessing.

In her self-doubt she was caught,

Never again to know how it felt to be so afraid.

Because she rose in her solace knowingness,

Knowing that something true was made.

He saw her through every mess,

Seeing all of her quirks,

And matching with her dreams.

When the distance didn’t amplify any doubt that it wouldn’t work,

She knew she now rested in a love that was truly what it seems.


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