Sleep with your eyes Wide Open

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Billy was like any other 8 yr kid, having good and bad dreams but tonight his latest dream will be the last dream he will ever have.

Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018







Billy was getting into bed after he finished brushing his teeth, he turned on his lamp and started to read his favourite issue of his favourite comic book (Daredevil) There was knock on the door, Billy's dad walked in. 


“Hey its time for bed”


Billy put down his book.


“Ahh dad I was just getting to the good part and it's only 8:30”


“I don’t care you got school tomorrow so turn off your light and go to bed”


‘Fine, well at least in my dreams I can do whatever I want”


Billys dad left the room after Billy turns off his lamp then closes his eyes and goes to sleep.




Billy woke up in the middle of the night, feeling thirsty so he got up and heads downstairs and goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water, suddenly he hears a deep voice coming from behind him “Billy” said the voice.


Billy turned around but there was no one there when he turned back around he started pouring water into his glass from the tap when he was done he heard the voice again from behind his back only this time it was louder.




Billy dropped his glass of water on the ground then the room got real quiet he looked around his kitchen to see if there was anyone there when he felt someone breathing down his back, he wanted to run and call out to his parents but he was too scared to do anything. Billy heard the voice again only it was closer.




As Billy finally got the courage to turn around and look a large dark hand grabbed him on the shoulder and Billy started screaming.







He woke up in his bed, terrified but relieved the nightmare was over, he looked around his room it was still night out then he reached out to turn the lamp then out of nowhere a dark hand grabbed him and said. 




Billy started to scream again.






Billy woke up again, thinking the nightmare was over he got up and went downstairs to find the kitchen light on and his dad leaning back on the bench, looking at his cellphone., ”you're supposed to be in bed Mr” said Billy's dad.


Billy enters the kitchen.


“I had a nightmare, two of them”


Billys dad didn’t look surprised at all, he gets up and says.


“Don’t worry everyone has nightmares, the only thing you need to remember is that it's only a dream and that it's not real”


Suddenly there was a knock on the back door,” who could that be this time at night?” said Billy's dad, he goes and answers the door when he opens it there was no one there, then the lights went off. Billy was already terrified and he started to look around the kitchen there was no one there, not even his dad then he started calling out to him.




 But his dad did not answer. Billy walked slowly out of the kitchen and towards the stairs as soon as he put his foot on the stairs a deep voice spoke.





Billy takes his foot off the steps and then try again but then again then the voice spoke again.





He takes his foot off the stairs again and then he quickly runs up the stairs and the voice went on and on saying his name.


“Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy!!!!!!!”



Billy made up to the top of the stairs, he looked down to see if there was anyone there but there was nobody then suddenly he was pushed down the stairs. When Billy was down the bottom of the stairs he heard the voice again.




Billy turned his head to the right but there was one there then he turned his head back up and then a black hand covered his mouth and a pair of yellow eyes were staring at him was and it said.



“I got you now Billy”



Billy woke up again only this time it was morning. Billy felt relieved that It was finally over when he got up and went down the stairs he finds his mum and dad in the kitchen having breakfast, he walks into the kitchen and his mother said.


“Do you want some bacon and eggs pumpkin?”



Billy looked at her mother said.


“Yes please”


Billy's dad looked at his son with concern and said.


“What's wrong son?”


Billy turned around and said to his dad.


“Just had a nightmare a few of them”


Billy sits down on the table and his mother sits down after him and tells Billy.



“Don’t worry Billy it was only a dream and you know what they say about dreams, they can't hurt you”


Billy looked at her mother unconvincing. 


“I guess so”




As Billy and his family began to eat their breakfast and get on with their normal day there was a sudden knock on the front door, “can you go see who that is Billy?” said Billy's dad. Billy gets up to answer the door as he reaches the front door suddenly outside starts going from a nice sunny day to dark and cloudy. Billy reaches the door and starts turning the nob, the door opens and a dark shadow figure with a pair of yellow eyes and sharp teeth appears right in front of him then the figure starts smiling and says.





The Shadow figure grabs Billy with his black hand and Billy starts screaming.





Billys dad hears the scream and comes out of the kitchen to see his son taken away by the dark figure then the dark figure starts yelling out Billy's name.






Billys dad wakes up yelling.




his yelling had woken up his wife and she said.


“Ted Ted, what is it?”


“Nothing I just had a nightmare”


“What was it about?”


“Some creature took Billy away. We were all having breakfast and there was a knock on the door and when Billy answered the door something took him”


“Honey, whos Billy?”


Ted didn’t seem surprised that his wife couldn't remember they had a son because he couldn't remember either as if Billy hadn't existed at all.


“I don’t know, that’s weird oh well sorry I woke you lets get back to sleep, good night babe”


“Good Night baby”





They both closed their eyes and went to sleep until Ted herd a voice coming from underneath his bed and it said.




Ted woke up and turned his head to the left then out of nowhere a black hand appeared.



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