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Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018



Life on earth is creative, full of wonderful designs, comparisons and associations.

Out of our commercial acumen, we have successfully grown from nothing to the best possible levels. we have hawker, retailers, small companies, medium companies, regional level companies, national level companies and Multi-National companies. It is like phylogenesis.

In the biosphere of micro-organism, it is “eat or be eaten”.  In the carnivorous domain, it is “act for own sake but for nothing else”. In the world of herbivorous, where animals live as equals except exhibiting scaring strategies.

But in the world of human beings, every human being has one book in them, Each one is unique and is differentiated from other. In human life, creativity is an unseen art with an exceptional characteristic of “intense feeling of deep affection” for self and others.  So, instinctively, we reach out for attractive things; beauty literally moves us.

I am interested in is the Cervidae family. As is said, I have always gravitated to this beautiful herbivorous animal and I cannot get away without mentioning briefly about it.

It is a musk deer of Asia belong to Cervidae family, complex creature. It fascinates for perfume substances with a persistent odour, obtained from a gland of the male musk deer. This cannot be seen or even touched but can be felt to the heart. 

If we compare Cervidae family emotional quotient and intelligence with humans, they are small, as smart as 4 to 6 years old kid, same tantrums and meltdowns of anger, fear, happiness, sadness, excitement and frustration. I call them 4 legged human beings or should I say better than humans?

These creatures care about each other, live in silence setting, love the earth and does not harm the environment, style of their gait is so caring and wonderful that they avoid offence even on tender bushes.

Cervidae family is one of the optimistic creatures on earth. What I mean to tell is every creature on earth exhibits optimism except Human beings.

But why do human beings are a mixture of optimism and pessimism?

We wish that the universe should be changed for us. If it is so, we are closing in onto an end of future.

Optimism pushes everyone to think for a better future. Optimist advocates for a positive change.

Presently, we are in the best era of all times, This was once a “Future” we dreamt of and strived and sacrificed so much to achieve this dream. Once dreamt “Future” was a vast succession of past and present actions and challenged all that was bad around us is now itself is a marvellous victory and golden period in Human Era. Now, it is melting and holing out into emptiness.

Everything on earth is melting, running short of and holing out into the Universe.

This displays that human history is not only of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness but also cruelty. We have achieved all this because of optimism. But now, we are foregoing that good trait and there is a great tectonic shift towards pessimism.

We have seen both beauty and the beast in human. So, perception is the most important thing in everybody’s life. What we remember and what we tell everyone is going to define the rest of our life.

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. 

on Optimism by Aristotle

In meditation, we see light within from dark.on Optimism.

In words, I am possible from impossible. If we break up word impossible, I m possible. 

on optimism

Since times immemorial, and from great thinkers to general sayings, wise people believed in optimism. Creatures in nature are optimistic, life is optimistic in living..

To me and for most of the people like me, Small and medium companies are like Musk deer of Asia. 

Why and How?


Small and medium enterprises are like the Cervidae family.

  • Small businesses presence in communities are vital for grassroots economies, liquid cash daily distribution, middle-class entrepreneurs survival, and also wants to sell goods and services to the big-name retailers, and manufacturers. 
  • These small companies have some great products being manufactured in small but fresh to customers.
  • SMEs represent an opportunity for business to become truly community-spirited.
  • SME are organic, everyday innovative and disruptive with love and affection for co-workers, are more service oriented. Entrepreneurs are always in direct contact with most of their customers.
  • It is the “live and let live milieu” with brotherhood feeling among businessmen devoid of jealous and greedy.  So, in a way, they are more humane.
  • Though, small, their supply-chain is reliable and fresh. There is always about making the process more flexible and nimble. Product outsourcing is not necessary.
  • Even, the bigger companies are on the best to deal with small enterprises for economic viability and product variability.
  • Developments are being made by SMEs in creating inclusive workplaces more for women workers.  The SMEs are able to progress and reach their full potential.
  • SMEs are transforming communities through tackling key social, financial and environmental issues, and transforming their business by integrating responsible behaviour at social and domestic level.
  • On the financial front, there are almost fewer chances leading to issues of bankruptcy.

I have found many analogies in predictive analytics software.

The SMEs can excel in certain areas but need partnerships with big business, or indeed increasingly with the public sector in others. My view after having worked in both public and private sectors is that SMEs and big business both have merits and the whole is better than the sum of the parts.


When I come to analyse the MNCs and Indian Top 10 companies, I should say they are in the world of carnivorous with biosphere of micro-organism.

They have to fear more about pessimism than to strive for optimism because of its size, they were ceased to exist, the humongous number of employees, multi-layer hierarchy, ever onward increasing cumbersome financial discrepancies, union problems and many more everybody knows.

How and Why?  

The traits of defeating and destroying are present predominantly in Big companies.

The game in there is “man eat man world and dog eat dog world.”

It is more than carnivorous, actually cannibalistic.

In SMEs, there is no trait of destroying but the presence of defeating trait is ethical as defeating displays valour when a moral or ethical code is present in the winning.

In Big companies, their appetite for expansion and take-overs parades human flaws such as psychopathy of narcissism in maintaining power, harsh management tactics, and manipulative behaviours.

In trait of destroying, the predominant factor is heartlessness or sadism with a trait of defeat.

When size matters, pink slips are served and de-staffing prevails at team level competition, it is bio-sphere of micro-organism, at the level of first-line managers, it is carnivorous. And at hierarchal management level, it is cannibalistic. At the level of corporate director’s level, it is auto-sarcophagy of an organisation.

The power is an extreme point of specific sensitivity in Big Companies and every Leader plays his game for survival irrespective of scapegoating lower level employees.

At the helm of affairs, few Leaders have an agenda to seize power by creating heightened fear, destroy discussions or deliberations with the ruffling feathers of group politics. The group politics are deceptively deep and for the low-level workforce, it is deceptively shallow. The sentimental value of a sense of belonging to a company is nihilistic. They destroy the ecology of SMEs,  face internal problems and eventually will be snowballed for collapse.

  • Through engaging in M&A, MNCs and Big Indian companies erase healthy competition and wipe out the life of small companies.
  • Try to dominate the market through monopoly.
  • Achieves domination.
  • There may be an implicit rather than an explicit motive like corporate tax inversions.
  • There can be integration risk.
  • Overstaff and overpayment lead to financial implications.
  • There can be a culture clash. Etc. etc. etc.

I said, “Life on earth is creativity full of wonderful designs, comparisons and associations”.

I always say there is creativity in Human beings. Human beings led the largest companies to bankruptcy is also a manifestation of creativity.

I am furnishing 22 bankrupted companies. Do your maths for total billions of dollars.

  • Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 09/15/2008

Assets: $691 billion


  • Washington Mutual Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 09/26/2008

Assets: $327.9 billion


  • WorldCom Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 07/21/2002

Assets: $103.9 billion


  • General Motors Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 06/01/2009

Assets: $91 billion


  • CIT

Bankruptcy Date: 11/01/2009

Assets: $71 billion


  • Enron Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 12/02/2001

Assets: $65.5 billion


  • Conseco Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 12/17/2002

Assets: $61 billion


  • Chrysler LLC Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 04/30/2009

Assets: $39 billion


  • Thornburg Mortgage Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 05/01/2009

Assets: $36.5 billion


  • Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 04/06/2001

Assets: $36.1 billion


  • Texaco Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 04/12/1987

Assets: $34.9 billion


  • Financial Corp. of America Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 09/09/1988

Assets: $33.8 billion


  • Refco Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 10/17/2005

Assets: $33.3 billion


  • IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 07/31/2008

Assets: $32.7 billion


  • Global Crossing, Ltd. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 01/28/2002

Assets: $30.1 billion


  • Bank of New England Corp. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 01/07/1991

Assets: $29.7 billion


  • General Growth Properties, Inc.

Bankruptcy Date: 04/16/2009

Assets: $29.5 billion


  • Lyondell Chemical Company Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 01/06/2009

Assets: $29.3 billion


  • Calpine Corporation Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 12/20/2005

Assets: $27.2 billion


  • New Century Financial Corporation Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 04/02/2007

Assets: $26.1 billion


  • UAL Corporation Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 12/09/2002

Assets: $25.1 billion


  • Delta Air Lines Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Date: 09/14/2005

Assets: $21.8 billion

These were the business wonders of the world, created in a small way and perished in the worst way because of forced pessimism.

Pessimism manifests in a sort of force to defeat and destroy people and everything around. They devour everything around and perish. This demonstrates a bad trait, instead of changing ourselves for a cause; we change things around us for our benefit. How far we can go like this. How far is that far to measure satisfaction?

Pessimism lacks futuristic insight and holds up perpetual indecision. Pessimism made many things distant and extinct like these 22 companies.

Pessimism and business never go hand in hand.

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