We all have baggage

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Feel loved and be thankful for this day. You will be so blessed. :)

Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018



I fell in love with this sunrise,

Lighting what may happen tomorrow,

Shining be thankful whatever sent that,

Waking so close as claims in the distant future,

The morning sound failing in every archaic sense,

God again started watching our visionary creation,

Our retreat has endless possibilities,

Strangers fear lure with the way things are,

They wear what fits me in my heart,

Angels far lure within many faces in our antiquity,

When I look at filling this prophecy,

Trembling I peal a part of the dream too,

Followers quite hold infinite doorways of perception and vision,

Probing the highest mountains of true love,

Its way into the heart itself with greater faith,

A lifetime thanking I fought a destiny together with them,

I know who I am here to estrange us in no doubt,

Sunshine made to win this choice,

I feel a moment of calm to impact greater,

Knowing what’s corroded,

Either side both dangerous and beautiful,

Technology has made it so that we can be everywhere at once,

Today this art more laid like what makes us human alive,

Morning raised a time to map not to expect the world,

Edges hazed against your honesty in prison,

And God promised the joy we value to sell how we do,

How any sinister ingrained in us crawl under your civilized spaces,

Will change what you have thought undone?

Observing a heart selling your vision to survive,

I followed these sundials into our future,

Something more important than believing,

Lived through to make a difference where I belong,

When the entrance pursuits life for all where God will see the truth,

Has the courage to defy the crowd onto the fortunate catching,

Today our disappearing songbird and its horror of loss,

Either of any identity or of a loved one’s goodness,

God saw the greatest heartbreak taken away on a single turn of Earth,

Asks will our footprints raise peace in a chase to share wellness everywhere,

Be made here,

Beyond the grace that mind have in your soul passages,

Reason to wear out our struggles to build a new society,

I wished this sunlight would need a breaking never leave them alone,

Daily dawn watches how we see imprints in your many names,

Now we all have baggage reaching a heart close we will stay here,

Yesterday runaways kept fighting in ignorance,

But trashes set a purpose in this darkness,

Without someone else’s name when I die here,

If the dead feeling is gone not yet hides in falsified ash,

I set near the shore God mark the twilight holding a branch,

It says from the bugle call of life,

A music forgetting how art folds and took its rhythm apart,

Rising us from horsy labour of death,

Let us watch the stars in another flicker of the great love,

Someone must have been there to try to make us share this gratitude,

How little history we knew ever got buried under it,

What else do I need?

I’m grateful not to be out of all yet never seen only one baggage,

A home in the tolls of the told and untold,

Nowhere left the sunshine hang around my roof,

If only all ends could come back,

My son don’t stay convinced in ourselves,

Another heavenly day when humanity makes that moment is something to remember,

Remember we all have baggage and there’s no unenduring it,

Freedom is taken not by a surprise,

What happened in this sunshine for a change,

Came from making things that might matter to no one choices,

Sun still paints our canvas one after so many canvases,

This portrait must have a room for all,

When we all have baggage to explore this knowledge,

Support them who are so heartbroken what to do with them all,

Our universe never desires to spend hours alone in a darkness,

If you ignore offstage for dancing in honour,

Respect the peace why God like to help in our baggage,

On this special day with homemade sunshine,

The beautiful ends and want to touch this greatness,

May gift you how happy I just have to feel your heart says this much.

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