Lio's Advantures 2

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Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018




Was their Sun at the evening.

Colorful men and women

Danced, and turned around that

As priests.

Everyone was watching them

Being circle

As the eyelid of their one of the gods.


Chiftein, was emerging

From chifteins road that is

Perpendicular to the fire and his dwell.

6 man holding spears made rectangle

That surrounded the chiftein,

His priests, organizators, engineers

And so on.


I was in that rectangle.

I was covered by black curtain.

I was wafted to the crowd.


Chiftein says:

“To honour of fire and skies!!!!!”

Dance stopped.

Then chiftein says:

Dear public,

So interesting things are happening.

From beyond the dreams of


From vastest parts of the one sky,

The part of that, fell to the ground!


Voices and murmurs showed that

They were shoked.


Chiftein continued:

“There is so absolute unknown

In this moving rocky creature

As beyond this black curtain.

Don’t be scared, it is under our


Holy crown and organization

Will protect you if anything be wrong.

Instead be suprized.”


Priest opened the blackeness

That surrounded me.

At the same time he shouted:

“There is tile piece of the sky!!!!”

Public raised their arms and hands,

Jumped and danced

Drums played:dum dum dum dum

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

I waved my two hands

And raised my arms to up happily

For saluting them


Rectangle I was in

Walked towards to the big cult.

It was the 4 meters tall old statue.

Chiftein shouted:”Supreme one”

Everyone shouted:”We promise to


One priest held my shoulder,

Pulled me down.

Than showed me how to kneel down

To divine


As hands of the supreme one,

Priests made rites on me,

Poured salts, food on me;

In order to supreme one to eat me.

Then the feast,

Two man holding spears sat

Next to me.

Some people danced, some people

Ate, drank various things.

They offered me foods and drinks,

That I wasn’t able to eat.

Because, I don’t have a mouth,

Tongue that humans have.

Especially, I don’t need them.

Because, I was designed to supply

My energy need from, light and heat

Very efficiently and storing them lot.

So laziness is enough for survival.

So I feel fulfilment in need of energy.


Also,it is same in need to matter.

By be designed to not lose mass.

So there is not need to matter I feel.

As metallic robots of your society.


Men and women, were begging to

Eat and drink.

I refused the offerings by pulling

With my right hand gently.

Which is the behave of fullfilment.


Men and women talked to me,

Shoked, suprized, astonished to


Beautiful women and handsome men,

Ate and drank happily,

Happiness to their fulfillment of needs

So their mouth chanted the,

Gratitutes to the powers of the nature

That I couldn’t understood.


Beautiful dancing woman

In colorful dress

Raised me to dance.

I holded the beautiful hand.

I raised.

I danced.


Men and women

Made turning nested circles

Around the fire,

Shoulder to shoulder

Bouncingly danced

As halay.


Drums were grumbling.

Winded insturmant were voiced.

Metals were clanging.

Different voices were covering

The dance.


We turned around the fire fastly.


Were only meanings I got

From that organization.


Next day I was kept busy,

With experiments on me as

My first day.


Sometimes, hallucinating pictures

Sounds, spiritual activities,

Sometimes,measurement of

Physical properties.


I ran on the racetraks.

Jumping on barriers,

Crawling in tight tunnels,

Running to any direction,

Even swimming in dirty swamps,

And so on day and night,

For sake of their knowledge.


Behaviour tests,


Reaction tests to music, gas, smell,

Even they asked voluntarily to touch

Excessive hot and energetic F?RE!!!!!

And so on day and night,

For sake of their knowledge.


Every every day!!!!! Continously!!!!!!


I was 1.80

I carried 500kg mostly.

I ran 50 meter per second mostly.

I jumped 3 meters high, mostly.

In long jump, 9 meters mostly.

They also knew that I was so elastic.


I had a capacity to do physical things,

Little bit higher than humans,

That can’t increased or decrased,

Certainly by,

My body, as a robot.


Chiftein amazed from these results,

Higher physical capacity was,

Dash to his ego.

Chiftein said to his men:

“Tomorrow, strongest man will

Make stick fight with our,

Tested creature!

Everyone will know who has

The power to keep

His acts to fight!!!!!!”


Tomorrow on the square of

Amusement, normal stick fight match

Was started to begin in

Same way as usual to them.

On straight and hard gray stone plate,

Sticks longer than us clashed.

Sticks longer than us,

Bumped as swords.

Sternght of the competitor,

Was felt by my stick.


Fleeing and attacking,

Man turned fastly around me

And hit me from back.

Shake and rage to go back

Pleasure from fight, as a wild flame.

Hitting with sticks,

I was in physical pain,

From bites of the sticks

Chiftein was happy from support to

His ego.


Than I realised that

If I use my capacity full

I can pass my competitors capacity,

So I can win him easily.

That’s what they expected from me.

Therefore they are fearing fron me

I thought.


I was in the battlefield.

I can’t escape from it

Because of men holding spears.

There was only

Winning and loosing.

Other posibilities are avoided by

Men holding spears.

Loosing was unchoicable,

So I choosed to win immediately.


Using my full capacity was

The key now.

Choice induced me to use that.

Suddenly I started to hit

His arm and stick continously.

Fastly, hardly, continously

With my full capacity.

This was the only way for me to win.


My rivals arm was bleeding with reds.

His hands were shivering.

I felt some remorse to do that,

But it was defending myself to loose

In mandatory physical hot war.


I hit his hip suddenly

With my whole power and rage.

Man fell to the ground.


I ran fastly and took his stick quickly.

Men standed up quickly, but

Became beaten by an alien quickly.

His body was bleeding,

In 5 hits he fell to the ground.


Public cheered loudly,

They made their dance instead of

Clapping again.

I raised my arms with two sticks.

Happiness of my ego was my curtain.

Chiftein, was in

Negative silent astonishment.

Drums said:Dum dum dum dum...


Experiments continued,

Made me busy,

I had limited time to think and do

What I want.

But, I decided not to leave, because

For sake of collective dance,

I wanted to rule this village.

Therefore, I choosed to stay here.

Instead of more struggle to leave and

Enter, staying was better.


In passing time,

Amount of experiments decreased.

In straggly time,

I was followed by a man

Holding spears.


At evening, I joined to

Feasts and dances

On day time;

Walking in and around the village,

And followed by man holding spears



Amount of experiments decreased

More more more

Finally they ended.

I was thinking, meditating and

Investigating the nature.

Man holding spears,

Looked me all time.


In one case when I was looking

To the moving blue ant, one man

Holding spears looked and stared

To me. Than I looked to up.

I saw the same staring

Black brown face.

Than I moved some right,

I moved more more more.

The man was in his same position.

Than I touched him with my finger

By being stinker to him.

He was still in his same position

As a statue.


In one afternoon,

I was bored,

I didn’t know what to do

I bored from that reason.

I sat under the apple tree

That near to the meeting area.

I sat down, squated down,

Turned my hands around themselves.

I breathed in and out in and out


As the result I realised that

I was the flowing moments.

The life, the self.

I became calm and happy.

Happiness was my sky.

Colours were my sight.

Even anybody made noise

I was still calm.


Meditation is one of the source of joy

That enlightens us.

Continuous satisfaction, was the

Flash of enlightment

That illuminated my brain for hours.


But I had will to think

And do something.

My fundamental goals reappeared.

This ended my meditation.

That’s why satisfaction is

Not continuous to all of us.


I had time so,

I thought thought thought.

I had will to power.

So I thought about how to be ruler.


I didn’t have any physical superpower

As deities,

And chance to invent a miraculous

Tool, spell or spiritual technique to

Become like a superhero.

Maybe I didn’t know my chance.

But I continued to think.


I found that individual is weak.

If I add 2 weaks I can get

More stronger thing.

So I decided to create a group that

Helps me to gain power.


This needs communication.

But language was the barrier.

So I started to understand them

And help them to understand me.


I investigated their pictures on walls,

Statues, decorations in hours per day

By looking, touching, smelling...

I also looked to tools of the priests,

I only had interesting experiences

Not meanings in their organization



Meanings were the rabbit hole

I was going to jump into.


I also started to work with them.

First I worked in limestone shaper.

Short, certain, fast commands

Which I understood in couple of

Days, making foremans angry.

And long hard tough work.

In a brown house; inside is yellow and

Smooth with limestone,

We used simple sharp metal tools,

To converting defect rock to

Perfect brick, than shaping that

In order to create tools and statues.

Fricting sharp metals for hours

That’s the only thing I could done here


Than I worked in leather shaper.

In his brown house,

We tool the given or stored leather,

Cut it by knife, bonding them by

Elastic dry leaves(pine leave mostly).

We sometimes coloured these

By given dyes.

Working area was cool, but lonely

All day.

So leather shaper was alone too.

He gave commands kindly,

He behave gently to me.

We talked when we worked.

He teached some concepts and

Their language by pointing(learned

From me).

But way of talking

That was the all case.

We chatted when we worked.

He complained from his situation

Sometimes. He said:”They have lots of leather nowadays, so they leave me. But,I am their only leather giver. They will understand one day that They need me. That’s my motivation To work for them. They are still Getting my leathers, recognize it.”


Man holding spears watched and

Followed me as moving brown statues

Every evening I enjoyed the meetings

Especially the dance.

Than sleeping in village’s


Couple of days later I worked with

Food shapers.

We took the given

Meat, fruit and vegetables

And shaped them accroding to

Their tradition for sake of organizing

Peoples energy in true way of

Tradition! Not chiftein,TRAD?T?ON!!!!!!!

We cut, sliced, grated, mixed, blowed

Even spelled the food.

We cooked them(not all) in different

Forms then people enjoyed what we

Made every evenings that I enjoyed.


Some days later I joined to hunters.

On morning, we entered into forest.

Calmness from getting up was my


We walked in dark greens, under the

Vast blue curtain. Air was cool and

Some foggy on very close to ground.

Man holding spears walked with

Courage and confidence coming

From their experiences.


Twich, snap, fast falling leaves...

A pray of the village.

4 meters tall purple smooth skined


He or she attacked us instead of

Fleeing, with long hornes and large

Lizard like mouth that has

Sharp teeth.


With four legs Pwhaka jumped

Towards us.

We made a semicircle and hit the

Pwhaka with spears strongly.

Some moment later Pwhaka

Made his mouth closed to me

Opened it then....

















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