Imminent collapse

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Anarchy after event

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Anarchy

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



Chapter 4

9:05 pm

Thursday, July 12

Andy hears the knock on the door and slowly gets up and walks to the door. The whole time while walking to the door, Andy is thinking, I hope it’s not anything serious, please let it not be serious”. Andy opens the door and sees Adam standing there.

Andy says, “it’s about damn time you got your sorry ass here.”

Adam replies, “I know right!”

Andy reaches out and gives Adam a bear hug and tells him.

“Man it’s good to see you dude. I thought we wouldn’t see you for another day or two.”

“It would’ve been if I didn’t cheat on my log book and leave Arkansas 8 hours ahead of time. I was only 35 miles away in Fulton when everything went to hell.”

“I’m glad you’re here now. Did you run into any trouble?”

“Just a lot of traffic and people acting like maniacs.”

“That’s good! We ran into all kind of trouble today, but we’re all here except for Mark’s son Shawn. He’s coming from Jackson Florida. Mark got ahold of him when it first started and he’s heading this way but since than he hasn’t been able to get through to him.”

“Well, if we need to go find him, count me in big red! Oh yeah, I did make it back with all that beef jerky Andy! The truck is just up the road. An old buddy of mine helped me get back here. He’s waiting back at the truck. He didn’t have the gas to make it back home to Georgia so we rode together. I told him I could probably get him a car or truck so he can get home.”

“That’s not a problem Adam! It turns out that we happen to have an extra truck on hand.”

“Really? How you manage that Red?”

“I’ll have to tell you later, it’s a long story. I’ll call Mark and Dave and tell them that you’re back and then I will go with you to get your truck back here.”

“Sounds good Big Red.”

Andy gets on the phone and pushes the buttons to ring Mark and Dave’s cabins. Dave answers the phone first,

“What’s up?”

“Hey Dave, Adam’s back!”

“Alright! MAAD back together again!”

“We’re going to get his truck that’s parked up the road. He left it there because he has someone that rode with him trying to get home to Georgia and he didn’t want to bring him to the BOL. I’m going to give him that truck we got from them guys at the tobacco barn.”

“You need me to help Andy?”

“No, we got this. Just tell Mark for me. He’s not answering the phone. But I have a pretty good idea why.”

“Sure, no problem Andy. Take your two-way in case you need us.”

“10-4, good buddy.”

Andy hangs up the phone, grabs his two-way radio and heads out the door. Andy and Adam jumps in the extra truck and heads to get Adam’s truck. Several minutes later, they are at Adam’s truck. Adam introduces Andy to Jim and explains about Jim’s family in Georgia. Andy gives Jim the extra truck, some food and water and wishes him good luck. Adam tells him thanks for all the help, gives him a hug and wishes him luck. Jim thanks them both for the truck and supplies and waves bye as he heads on out. Adam and Andy climbs up in the big rig and starts back to the BOL along with 53-foot trailer full of beef jerky.

Andy calls over the two-way radio and tells Dave that they are on their way back. Dave confirms acknowledgement and spreads the word to the other cabins. Everyone at the BOL comes out and heads over to Adams cabin waiting for them to get back. They could hear the big rig coming through the woods, squeezing its way down the narrow access road. Tree branches snapping and loud bangs from trees hitting the top of trailer can be heard. Finally, Adam and Andy emerges from the woods and pulls around to Adams cabin. Adam backs the trailer next to his cabin and cuts of the truck. Adam climbs out of truck and receives hugs from all his friends. Everyone stays up for another hour talking about all the events that has happened that day before heading off back to their cabins and going to sleep for the night.

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