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Forgive Me

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Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018



As I think back to this time last week
I was quietly praying for you
To have peace 'n calm within yourself
It wasn't my intention to hurt you, stand you up
Or cause you any pain 
I'm conflicted when I think about you
Sometimes we banter back 'n forth
And we know it's meant as a joke
But it's not clear where you stand
It's not black and white to me
At times, I'm confused by your comments 
They have me stumbling over my own two feet
As I try & run away from the danger 
This situation could potentially cause
But I'm intrigued & curious
Again I'm asking the question
Why me?
Sometimes I've felt as though your suggestive comments
Have come across the wrong way, or not
Please tell me
Can you confirm it just one time?
Do you have a thing for me?
Is it me that you're afraid of?
Am I the one you're afraid is gonna break your heart?
All I wanna know
Is it true?
Do you or don't you have feelings for me?
And if so, to what degree?
If I'm a friend, then please don't behave like a boyfriend
If you wanna have a real relationship with me
Be brave enough to ask me for what you really want
I'm independent, I'm jaded & I have nothing to lose
So when you weren't waiting for me
And my attempts were unsuccessful to reach you
I behaved like you were one of the others
I'm an ON TIME girl ... I don't like late
I was nervous that this was another date
Or whatever you want to call it
And in my head, I said forget it and I left
I felt like I was running to safety 
Because I too, I'm afraid of getting my heart broken
And I'm not gonna lie, you know I always had a thing for you
To think I behaved badly when God is putting a man 
Right in front of me
For whatever reason
Be it a true friendship or be it more than that 
Here's a man whose first priority is his relationship with God
Perhaps instead of acting like an ass
I should be instead looking at
And not running away 
I'm sorry 
Can you & will you forgive me?

© Copyright 2019 Wild Roberts. All rights reserved.

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