The Beautiful Artist

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Submitted: October 28, 2018

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Submitted: October 28, 2018



The Beautiful Artist


  I made the acquaintance of a beautiful artist, I met

her while gazing at the winner of this year's most

prestigious portrait award at the national art gallery.

We struck up a conversation and discussed various

artists and styles of painting.

  Over the the weeks that followed we wined and dined,

enjoying eachother's company. She was not shy, and 

often struck me as been a touch arrogent, as she 

compared herself to Picasso and other artistic greats, 

but I drunk on her beauty turned a blind eye to this. I

was greatful to be in her presence.

  Finally one night after we'd consumed our fair share

of vintage wine, she invited me home to her luxurious

bed where we made glorious love till I was absolutely 

sated, and collapsed into a deep sleep.

  When I woke in the morning there was not a sign 

of her but I observed that the sheets, pillows, and 

bed, and indeed the whole bedroom was blue! 

  I gazed in wonder, speculating to myself how this

had come about.

  Then snapping me out of my reverie she appeared

in the bedroom doorway, dressed also in a modest 

blue outfit.

- How are you this morning my love?

- I'm bemused, where did all the blue come from?

- It's my period...

  She laughed...

- What?

- My blue period! It went everywhere. I had to get up

while you where sleeping and put a tampon in!


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