A oglan in a class

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This is short story about a girl who was depressed and have severe anxiety and her life changed just by meeting a person who in first did nothing for her

Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



A oglan In a Class.


They say finding love is not that simple but if you can find someone who you love in a blink of eye, what if you fall in love with a stranger, what if you make someone your life in fact ruler of your heart. There comes a time in everyone life when they are shattered maybe depressed or maybe they are suffering from some kind of anxiety. We all find some ways to overcome our sadness that’s what hope did.

She was 19 years old girl, her life was going good until she faced many failures and let herself down in everything. She was never interested in Studying stuff; she always wanted to live in fantasy world where she can be herself. She was huge fan of writing and reading, she was girl of her own life but when she faced life she faced failures. She failed in almost everything in her life. Whether its studies or relationships or friendship she always failed, Due to this kind of failure she became pretty depressed, and anxiety pushed her in a world where she never wanted to be. No person in her life was even willing to help her out; everyone gifted her bunch of taunts and posted a poster of loser on her life.

Hope wanted to live a life without taunts with full support and she wanted friends too. No one was there in her life not even her parents.

Then, one day she found someone in her life that believed in her and always motivated her to do her best, she started doing well. She was trying then to be a winner not a loser not for her sake but for that person who have full believe in her.

After centuries she felt something for someone, she instantly falls in love with him. She fell for him without even knowing him. He was just his friend some friend who she knew for only weeks, he became everything for her. She wanted to be a better person. Just by his existences she was a complete changed person. She believed on her love, hope wanted this change to be permanent she was happiest after finding this guy, she was willing to do everything and yes maybe he was her love of life. She started loving him to death.

Happiness is rare but it comes in an unknown time, when we are falling apart, when there is nothing, even when you want to die. That’s when something or someone comes in your life and everything just fall back to places. This is exactly what happened to hope, she wanted to end everything but without even knowing someone changed her life.

This is what life is called; this is the power of love. Even if it’s one sided or what so ever.

Love and positivity have courage and strength to overcome anything, to win every kind of fight, to live, to breathe in freedom, love is so beautiful.


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