Star Wars: Episode IX fan theory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story written by myself in December 2017 after viewing Star Wars: The last Jedi. This is not cannon and should not be taken as true facts. Enjoy!

The sun sets on the new rebel base. Rey looking into space, has another force bond with the supreme leader of the first order, Kylo Ren. ‘Rey’ he says in a desperate voice.

‘No Ben, I’m not doing this right now’ she says with tears in her eyes.

‘Please, join me we can help each other, just like when we defeated Snoke’

‘NO, don’t go this way! I need you, we need each other!’

‘Please’ he says holing his hand out with the intent that Rey will take it.

‘I can’t Ben, we cannot do this‘ she was interrupted by general Leia.

‘Ben’ she says seeing her son sitting across from the girl known as a scavenger. But just as she said that, the force bond had broken and he had gone. ‘Leia’ Rey said shocked that Leia had witnessed that ‘I can explain general’

‘I know where he is’ Leia says with sadness looming in her voice.


‘I know where my son is, you need to find him’

‘I can’t general, I won’t hurt him, there’s still good in him.’

‘You don’t have too Rey, I want him back, we all do’ pausing for a moment she continues, ‘when you where on Auch-to, we fell under attack, I felt Ben, he was getting torn apart, he needs help.’

‘No, I can’t ’ she says standing up and on the verge of tears. ‘I’m sorry’ 

Running past general Leia and out into the cold night towards the main hanger. BB8 saw this and was already at the hanger. ‘What are you doing, Rey?’ He says in confused beeps

‘BB8, you can’t be here’ Rey’s says in a surprisingly panicked voice,

‘But what are you doing? Your not running away aren’t you?’ Again in confused beeps,

‘BB8, I need to find Ben, Leia sent me to find him but if he knows that she sent me, he won’t come back.’

‘Can you bring me?’

‘No BB8, no one can come. Not even you’

‘Ok’ he communicates in sad beeps

‘I will be back, I promise.’

As she enters the ship she turns around to see her lightSaber being held out by BB8

‘How did you fix this?’

‘Classified’ he says like he did back on Jakuu. Rey smiles and enters the cockpit of the ship and leaves Emzite.


Submitted: October 29, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Reylo.Edits1. All rights reserved.

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