The Tides

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Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



the river gives
and the river takes away

a week ago this morning
about this time
I knew something was wrong

I woke to a message
faint and vague
but something heavy
was hanging by a thread
and I could feel it crawl
on every inch of my skin

I didn't think
I just went

twenty minutes later
I was barreling down the bluff road
towards the river
I remember nothing about
that drive

there really is no way else to say it

when I got there
I pulled a friend I've known
for half my life
back from the water
back from the edges
back from the end of
all things precious
and all things pain

there was a rope
and an anchor
and they weren't tied to a boat
this time

it was so cold and so wet
even the air was a grey mist
that stuck to the boards of the dock
it was like the sky itself
wanted to hide from
what was happening

at that moment
there was nothing else
but the two of us
in the entire universe

there was no such thing as choice

I just held on
and said
"Im not letting go"
and I didn't

not this way
not this soon
not in my town
not on my watch

and by some chance I have yet to figure
there was a flicker of life
still in there
in the eyes
in the breath
but that was about it

we were within minutes
of a statistic

it was like holding a candle in the rain
at best

I will never forget the fear in those eyes
the vast empty stare
from almost breaching the void

and I don't think I'm supposed to
because the river gives
and the river takes away

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