The angel maker

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What if you find out that you are at risk of being killed at any time? Just be matched and you are a dead man walking ...

Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



The angel maker

my name is Alonzo ..i’m a cleaner in a hospital like any other one ..that is in the morning …

Do you ever noticed who is the only one that could go everywhere in the hospital… no not the hospital Dean.. nor the doctor.. It's me, I have the access to any room in it.. most of the people They get upset when they are ignored.. I don’t ……once I walk into the hospital with my trolley no one remembers my face

 its like a free license to disappear.. or do something nasty.. At night.. I prefer not to be cleaner.. I like being incubo .. it means I’m the hospital’s nightmare

do you know that there’s  a lot of movies about my art.. like Death Warrant, tourists, coma…. But my favorite is the angel maker….Yeah, I make people... like god but I just complete the task of him, god create people and bring them to the world.. and when life screw them.. and their body became useless, that’s when I offer my gift..


in our market, we give organs, names the big Chiva that’s the lungs..death bride it’s the heart.. and Gump ass certainly it’s the kidney cause it’s the most corrupted one…. you just have to be missed up and let me repair you.. simple job

a patient enters the hospital with a bad tooth and suddenly have High liver enzymes and without the medical explanation for doctors.. in 24 hours he’ll become a dead man… of course without a liver… grace and peace for him I remember my first art… the dead man had worms in  Kidney, a  week later It was all revealed by police.. poor doctor Freddy I think he just got out of the prison after a long period…


“ Alonzo! “ said by a huge muscled man

“I knew about your shit.....” “don’t act like a foolish bimbo I’m not like those stupid doctors “ he said it close his head to Alonzo’s one

“I need a bite of that cake baby hear me .don’t shit with the black guy hah….. consider it “said it spitting on the floor near Alonzo’s leg

“no body spit  when I clean body no “ Alonzo said that In a quiet, quiet voice

" are you saying something you dirty nuts “ the man said it  and without any point he felt a hand around his neck just before the sound of the creaking bones of it and fell dead

“a man down here..hurry up it’s a heart attack ”  “I hope you have a healthy gumps boy “
“grace and peace “ Alonzo said it ..making a cross sign on his head


As an artist I needed more adrenaline in work.. the more I get bigger the more things become easy… that’s boring more than watching a man’s soul kicks off waiting his organs.. so I decided to take the impossible artistic.. a masterpiece would make me king of organ theft.. and count me as an angel maker..

65 years old billionaire.. the problem wasn’t that he is an Asian one and it's so unique to find an Asian American or he has Blood type about just.6 % of the world population have.. the problem is he needs heart, lungs, and a new chest skeleton instead of a broken one.... its easier for him to be created  again …poor man ..lucky me

The skeleton donor was the easiest one… a man with a broken leg suddenly got bone cancer.. stage four… grace and peace..then I had to search for rest of toys  just in 8 hours.. or my Christmas tree would die.. so I have searched in hospital history since 10 years ago…

3 hours later we found our winning  Lottery……

the first one was a accountant , she lives alone… lucky me cause no relatives questions without complaining  ..

at 9 am she got up… drinking a coffee… pick up the car and go work.. so what if someone accidently put a blood pressure medicine in her coffee and in the right time her 3 old  neighbor kid across the street accidently to catch his ball while she riding.. she would have Trauma the effect would be 10 times than normal and her heart would stop in 3 min.. and for luck that a passing ambulance would see the car in right time.. That’s would be my plane if I have time, but in this case I just kidnapped  her and make her have a manual  heart attack…..

the lungs was the tough one …the man had five sons and a wife ..that’s a lot of complaining …

so getting  the man in a hospital was the easy part …but for the family I called one of my old friends to give them an offer they couldn’t refuse …without  violence …I hate it .. grace and peace the family  ..a gas leak killed the 5 sons and their mother ..

then the messed up man raised again new born with a fully healthy body.. ofcourse some doctors have to take the police’s complaining.. and I made history of medicine..

 “hey Alonzo stop talking you deep shit… you are not a story teller you are a dirty prisoner “

oh I forgot to tell you.. I was so excited and enthusiastic, so I attended the operation to see my masterpiece closely… and I got discovered when I smoked a cigarette  in the operation.. and now I spend a 5 years in jail for Impersonating a doctor

"you still talking …you nuts ..sleep or I will smack your head off “ the prisoner said that spitting on the floor

Alonzo stared at it for some moments then smiled and asked him
“hey tony do you have relatives ! “


“no, wha..”

“grace and peace ..”

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