Confusion or Resolution

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Is the feeling I have is confused for another feeling or is it a resolution of my small life experience??

Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



In a young age you start having many feelings that it can get confusing,and as you grow up you start feeling it is a resolution, but the real question here is where is the resolution in this confusion?

You might think that I am talking “non sense” but let me tell you something about myself. Since I was young, I was unable to trust anyone, and that was confusing for me, but was it a result of an accident or an experience? Well, no, I am living my life believing that full trust cannot be given to anyone, not even myself. In my opinion trust can only be given to God (that will be another story). I do not find it as a problem, but I feel that if I tell this to someone close to me, they will feel disappointed and that they have a fault, so I am going to keep it to myself. Also I did not go through something to start acting on it, but I have a feeling that human beings will one day disappoint you no matter what, even myself! 

I do not want you to loose the ability of trusting someone after reading this, but I assure you that you will get disappointed by someone and they might even be close to you, so make sure that you do learn from trusting them and trust the right person. 

I feel unhappy not being able to trust someone and tell them the truth , the real me, which means this is my confusion, then the resolution is me hating people that are not close to my heart enough, to touch me?!

Trusting others is hard, but what is harder is being unable to trust them for no reason...?

So what is your confusion and its resolution?

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