Alchemist's Glory

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The Rasenwald Alchemist Union, a guild led by two wood elven sisters, scarlet haired Elytia and blonde Lytiana Rasenwald, they welcomed anyone willing to join with open arms, no matter their circumstances. Because of this policy, people ranking from nobles, former slaves and even the displaced denizens from an entirely different reality joined their group, willing to set their differences aside for the greater good. The guild is often times involved with the denizens of Yunei, the City of Progress and the surrounding lands, from synthesizing cures for ravaging diseases to dealing with direct threats by many lesser factions. With the rising tension between the city's noble families, even the alchemist union cannot escape becoming collateral damage.

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Rasenwald Alchemist Union

Submitted: November 07, 2018

Billions of years ago, when the universe first came into being, a tear between worlds had formed at its very birth. The two realms with d... Read Chapter