Ungodly Fiends

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Jedidiah Somerton is a wealthy oil tycoon along the coast of California, he arrives at the ranch of an aspiring young man who hopes Jedidiah will invest into his findings. But Jedidiah is a stubborn man, and more importantly; seems to know a lot more about the young man's family than the young man himself.

Submitted: October 30, 2018

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Submitted: October 30, 2018




Ungodly Fiends

by Joshua D. Webster


"Listen, I will not, shall not and would not ever consider investing into your family. My family is the only one that matters and since I find myself being the head of that family I truly believe that I am therefore the person that matters, do I make myself clear?" Those words were spoken by a harsh, stern, weathered man. His name was Jedidiah Somerton, and they were spoken on the 29th October, 1920. Jedidiah was a tall man, he had a straight back, curled facial hair and thick black, greased-back hair. His face was sunburnt; adding to his weatheredness.

He was leaning on the side of a doorframe, gazing across the dining room of the Pitcher family. A hazy wave of cigar smoke gently glided across the room, that mixed with the scent of freshly poured bourbon reminded him of his home; Little Somerton; a ranch along the coast of California.

The Pitchers were a family whom had undegone great struggle, it was their fault they had. On November 16th, 1875 their ancestors had launched a hostile attack onto the natives who had settled in the area. In 1911 the family who had lost so much eventually learnt of the family who slaughtered their ancestors. They launched an attack, killing many of the farmhands. The following day, the remaining young family members met with the natives and peace was settled.

The natives were not one if the Chumash Tribes no, they were a much smaller group. Even smaller than the Chumash people for news had struck they were now down to just 74 people.

Martin Pitcher was the youngest of the Pitcher family, and being the only remaining male, his dead father entitled the entire business to him. His father was a project of misogny which had been practised so much in the Pitcher family. Martin had a smooth, baby-like face and short hair. His white linen waistcoat could not even compete against Jedidiah's black three-piece suit he arrived in. "And why are you not interested in investment?" Martin asked him.

"My answer is simple; why should I?" Jedidiah said. "I hardly even know you, and yet you drag me out here while in the middle of supper with my wife to request an investment. Why?" He asked.

"Because we need it." Martin said. "We are stuggling." He finished, watching Jedidiah light a cigar and smoke it. "Sit down." Martin prompted.

"No." Jedidiah said. "Last summer we had a blowout on our hands, cost us a heck of a lot of cash. To be honest at this moment in time I really only care about getting Little Somerton back onto the rails. Don't worry- we are still the largest oil ranch along the California cost- don't you worry about that. The fact is that I have looked around your half-ass establishment and I have came to the notion that nothing here is worth liking. Forget investment." Jedidah said.

"Surely the lord can find somewhere in your heart where you may be open to charity?" Martin prompted.

"I do not believe in gods." Jedidiah said, everybody in the room looked at him; shocked. "If there was a lord then he would have helped you and made sure that I did not respond to such an imperdanant request. What makes you better than others? How do you have the cheeky to request investment, oh sorry; charity. You Pitcher really have poor choices in wording." He said.

"And what do you mean by that?" Martin asked.

"Well, you wouldn't have had to repel a whole bunch of natives if your ancestors kept their mouths shut." Jedidiah said. "And now, you stumble on your words revealing that you want charity. Well why? Do want to impress others?" He asked.

Martin stood up and approcahed Jedidiah, standing beside him. "I want my family to see that I am as good as my father was; I need them to see how powerful I can be." Martin whispered, then going back to his chair and sitting down.

"And why won't you invest?" Martin asked. Jedidiah coherently threw $50,000 onto the table the Pitcher family were sat around. He then produced a pistol from his pocket and fired it at everyone in the room except for Martin. He then exited the house, got into his automobile and left.


The End


© Copyright 2019 Joshua D. Webster. All rights reserved.

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