Chapter 5: Vampire Emotions

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Animus&Mangus

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It felt like a cycle. Each day repeated, but I did not mind. Each day I enjoyed more being next to her. Her high spirit and happy face made me happy. I still remember the day it changed. When that happy face went violent. That day she looked completely different. Is there a side of Mimi that she’s refusing to show me?


Blood Red Roses chapter 5 Vampire Emotions


I stood there looking out the window from our room. Mimi was off somewhere and I stayed hidden. I recalled back to her black eyes.

“She obviously has another side to her.” I said softly to myself. 

“Even when she got mad at me the other day for calling her cute she was still the same, it’s like she refuses to show me that side at all costs, no matter how much I would get under her skin.” I thought resting my chin on my hands. 

Mimi stormed through the door.

“Kori!” She Shouted. 

I looked behind me meeting her gaze.

“What are you doing back so soon Mimi?” I asked in a calm tone of voice. 

“I was lonely.” She said slouching over. 

I stood there confused.

“But you said you were going to hang out with your friends.” 

“I was!” She Shouted.

“But..” she looked away biting her lip.

“All they wanted to do was go hunting.” 

“Hunting?” I Said.

“Yea all they can talk about was how good humans tasted and the only place they were aloud to kill humans was when they trespassed on school property.” 


My eyes spinned.

“So that’s what happens when a human trespasses.” I thought to myself.

Mimi flung herself to me hugging me.

“I couldn’t hunt your kind!” She said whining into my shirt. 

I rested my hand on her head.

“I appreciate the thought Mimi.” I said with a sigh of relief. 

She looked up at me and smiled. 

“So since we have the rest of the afternoon what you want to do?” She asked me snapping out of it quickly. 

“Oh um I didn’t really plan to do anything since you were supposed to be away for a few hours.” I said. 

She rested her finger on her cheek.

“That’s ok we can just study!” She said.

My eyes spiraled.

“Study...?” I said heart beating. 

She pulled out a arm full of books.

“Yea we have that mid term coming up!” 

I collapsed to the floor.

“Oh you meant study study ! Ha! Phew.” I said breathing out a puff of air. 

“Eh what did you think I meant?” She asked with tiny confused eyes. 

“N-nothing! Studying sounds like a great idea.” I Said taking a few books off her hands. 

I sometimes forget Mimi was never interested in me the same I was in her. It’s why I always stayed willingly in the friendZone. I don’t want to destroy the friendship she worked so hard to make with me. 

Mimi smiled but inside her mind wondered.

“Why won’t he admit he loves me already.. does he not?” She thought in her head.


Later that day we finished studying and Mimi was on the floor groaning. 

“Studying is horrible I never wanna do this again.” She said complaining. 

I chuckling.

“You hadn’t stopped complaining since 5 min after starting.” 

She pouting and grunted.

“I can’t help they make studying so boring. They make it sound so fun.” 

“Fun?” I asked her curiously. 

“Yea my friends all say they study with their bfs and they all say it’s the best experience.” She said completely oblivious.

I facepalmed myself.

“Mimi.. you are so oblivious sometimes.” I Said. 

“What you mean?” She asked. 

“They weren’t studying.” I Said slamming a book in Mimi’s face as I stood up and started walking away. 

Mimi held the book and thought for a moment. 

“Ahhh!” She Shouted dropping the book holding herself.

“Why couldn’t they have just been more specific!” She said holding her face blushing. 

“Because most people are that oblivious.” I Said closing the door behind me. 

I acted as cool as possible around Mimi but walking around the corner I broke and blushed. 

“I can’t believe she’s so cute!”

Spending all that time with Mimi made me fall for her more and more. I only wish I could see all her sides. My red face went back to normal thinking of that day when she had black eyes. 

“She’s not always like this.”

I said to myself.

“When will I see the rest of her.” 


Mimi was still putting the books away when I got back. 

“Mimi?” I asked her bluntly. 

Mimi turned up at me.

“Do you remember when you defended me against that other vampire a few weeks ago?” I asked.

She tilted her head.

“What about it?”

She asked.

“I never seen you so... aggressive. It that perchance another side of you?” I asked. 

She turned away from me.

“No don’t be stupid.” She said in a deeper voice.

“She’s breaking.” I thought to myself. 

I decided to continue.

“Seems like it was to me. You know you don’t have to be so high spirited all the time. You can share your emotions.” I Said trying to rest my hand on her shoulder but she pushed me away.

“You should take your own advice!” She Shouted at me turning with tears in her eyes. 

My eyes widened. 

“You obviously aren’t sharing your sides with me either! What do you expect!” She Shouted. 

I lowered my hand. 

“She’s right... I’m no better than her.” I thought to myself. 

“I’m sorry Mimi.” I Said. 

Her eyes held still as the tears dried up.

“I haven’t been fair to you either.” I Said reaching out for her hand.

“I’m a vampire kori... I have more power than you’ll ever know, and I can’t always control it when I’m angry.” She said letting me grab her hand that was in a tight fist. 

I lifted her fist up to my mouth and gently kissed it. She looked up at me shocked.

“I’m not afraid of you Mimi.” I closed my eyes.

“And I’m not afraid of your power.” 

Her eyes relaxed and she blushed. 


I thought to myself “I swear Mimi.... one day I’ll become yours.”

Submitted: December 28, 2018

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