Former Best Friends.... Until February

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Celeste is confused as to why her best friend, Jacob, doesn't hang out with her anymore. This story does not reveal why, but their friendship temporarily ends another way.

Submitted: October 30, 2018

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Submitted: October 30, 2018




Jacob and I used to be the best of friends. Expanding our milk carton seals collection, making cities with shaving cream and blowing stuff up in Minecraft were some of the average things we’d do together. We’d known each other since we were two, and we’d done ridiculous stuff ever since. We wouldn’t talk at school, but we were the best of friends when we were away from the other kids. None of our other friendships were as strong as the bond between the two of us. But lately, I’d noticed that Jacob wasn’t hanging out with me much anymore. I reasoned that it was just a huge amount of homework that he had to do. But I still wanted to hang out with him anyway. So I texted Jacob, asking him if he could come over to work on our latest project. Right away, he answered me.

hi Celeste

maybe idk i’ll ask my mom

That’s when I got suspicious. If you knew Jacob like I do, you’ll know that Jacob’s mom is always fine with him hanging out with me, without him needing to ask her. Which means he’s trying to avoid me for whatever reason. After ten long minutes, I text him back.

So can u come over???

No sorry

oh ok

But it wasn’t ok.What had happened to the old Jacob, the one who was always eager to come over, the one who would ditch his homework to come over and make pumpkin smoothies? The one who would always come over unless he absolutely couldn’t? Why did he say that he couldn’t come over? As I was thinking all these things, I got a facetime call. It was from Jacob. I immediately picked my phone up. As soon as i clicked the little answer button, I heard shouts of “Logan! STOP!” coming from my phone. The video kept spinning, displaying first the ceiling, then Jacob’s bed, then the door.


“Jacob? You ok? What’s going on?”


A voice that was very different from Jacob’s said, “Hi, Celeste, you’re Jacob’s girlfriend, right?”


“No…” I answered, confused and shocked. “Jacob what’s going on?” He didn’t respond, just kept screaming “Logan please, stop…. I’m begging you..”


Obviously ignoring both of us, Logan calmly responded, “So how long have you been dating him?”


“Umm…. I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re just friends.”


“Yep, yep, yep, that’s what they all say. Now-”




At that moment, Jacob’s bedroom door opened, revealing hist mother, shaken from all the shouting.. “Guys, what’s going on?”


“Jake’s got himself a girlfriend, apparently. Say hi, Celeste.” He held up Jacob’s phone, Jacob still trying to take it from him.


I waved shyly. “We’re just friends like it’s always been, but lately I haven’t been getting that sense.” After I said that, I hung up and sunk into my bed.  The texts from years ago didn’t even seem real to me now- they seemed like one of those perfect fairy tale friendships in books. I eventually shut down my phone and just curled up into a ball. But then I remembered Jacob saying, “she’s my best friend”. Now this made me even more confused than I already was..


After about a week, I woke up at 1am to a little kid voice saying in a fake British accent, “Jacob just sent you a message. Best respond quickly, for he is waiting.” When we were 10, he made and programmed that tone into my phone. I did the same in his phone. The text read,


Sorry youre probably not awake rn but i have to send this- Celeste i am sososo sorry for what happened last week. Idk y i lied about Logan. I shouldnt have. If ur wondering, heres what happened before the ft call. when i was replying to ur text, Logan peered over my shoulder. When he saw your name on the screen,he grabbed my phone and facetimed u. Idk what was in his mind. but anyway im not friends w/him anymore. i just wanted to apologize. Also i was thinking it was maybe time we take a break on this friendship thing

Its ok waait whaatt?? wdym????

well since everyone thinks u r my gf now, it'll be kinda awkward.

wait… who thinks we’re dating?

all the grade 7s. cuz Logan messaged everyone in the 7D group chat and it went VIRAL to like the whole school

omg thats crazy!! Logans more of an idiot than I thought!!!

ikr?? but do u see what I mean now?

About the taking the break thing? yeah. But idk. could we still text and stuff?

we could but i don’t want to have another Logan incident y’know?

ig. so does this mean farewell?

yup. See you in Feb.



If I had a list of all the bad days in my life, this would be on the very top of the list. Through texting, I lost my best friend because of the fear of ridicule of our classmates. My other friendships have never meant as much to me as the one with Jacob. Now, I wonder, what will happen in February?


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