What is the right diet for humans?

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This looks at what a majority, not all people, I repeat NOT ALL PEOPLE, are eating, most of this data is based off of America and may not be exactly to date. It looks at diabetes and other diseases that are linked to diet. And finally eight rules to better eating. I don’t care if it’s not right it’s what I believe in, there are some excerpts from ‘In defence of food’

Submitted: October 30, 2018

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Submitted: October 30, 2018




We all have different opinions, we’ve all tried the newest dieting tricks, and it’s no surprise people are confused. Almost every day there’sa new guideline: Eat more fiber. Drink less milk. Eggs are bad. Eggs are good. We’ve heard about the horrible places our food comes from, but what we really want to know, is what to eat?


The diet (most) we eat today has come to be known as the western diet. The western diet consists of meat, white flour, starchy vegetables, vegetable oils and sugar, lots of sugar. It’s cheap. It’s convenient. And most of it has been processed to taste really good. A meal is classified nowadays as a hunk of meat, some kind of white flour or potato and then a small portion of over cooked steamed vegetables. The diet we’ve been eating only has 5% vegetables and 5% fruit, we know the five vegetables or fruit servings a day, we don’t seem to think that what we are eating is wrong, because we’re all eating it, with some exceptions of Vegans and such. In fact much of what we eat today isn't real food, but "imitations of food’ We need  to be able to distinguish between food and "edible foodlike substances.” We’re seeing sugar in food never sweetened before! On average, Yogurt has the same amount of sugar as coke, and sugary drinks are normal to give young children, there is something seriously wrong here. 


Over the last thirty years, the rate of childhood obesity in America has almost tripled, young people are now getting a disease that used to be very rare in children: Type 2 diabetes. Type two diabetes is caused by family history and lifestyle factors. Since almost every person in the world eats like this it’s no surprise! Since 1975, the percentage of Americans who have Type 2 diabetes has more than tripled—and is expected to keep on growing. In 2015 it was the 6th leading cause of death in Australia and the 9th leading cause in New Zealand. Four of the top ten things that will kill you are chronic diseases linked to diet. 3 out of 4 Americans are either overweight or downright obese and if we continue down this risky path, we’ll end up in a place where 1 in 3 children will get diabetes. And so we are left with the question, what do we eat?


First let’s look at the food pyramid, if you look them up you’ll find many. Some have vegetables at the bottom, others grains and potato. Every single one is slightly different. But they are (judging on my research)wrong. The best one I’ve seen starts like this: daily exercise and weight control, vegetables and fruit, healthy fats and oils, whole grains were all next, then it was nuts and seeds and fish, poultry and eggs, and that’s the only mistake. They got everything right up until the poultry, fish and eggs, it should be at the top with the red meat white flour and potatoes, along with dairy. Truthfully we should only have meat once every two weeks, dairy, sweets, white bread, and potato should be eaten close to never just as with sweets.


I can’t tell you exactly what you’re supposed to eat, that’s already failed, but I can give you the eight rules to better eating.

  1. If your grandmother wouldn’t eat it or recognize it as food, don’t eat it.
  2. If it has more than five ingredients, it’s a test result, not food. Yogurt only needs milk and bacteria to become yogurt, not sugar, not kosher gelatin, and not modified corn starch.
  3. Eat food made by nature, or humans. Stay away from overly processed foods, cereals bread, make your own! It seems like a hard task but it’s not, it’s cheaper in the long run.
  4. It if tells you that it’s healthy, it probably isn’t. It’s hard to put a “I’m full of healthy nutrients!” sticker on an Apple or a carrot. But it fits perfectly on a box of frosted flakes for breakfast.
  5. Only food that rots within a week or two, take white flour, the germ or ‘the good stuff’ is taken out and the left over (the bran and endosperm) is essentially just carbohydrates. It’s then bleached to make it white, it takes longer to rot, so that it can sit on shelves. 
  6. Mostly plants, not dissing vegans or vegetarians, but not dissing meat eaters, the true problem is that we eat to much of meat. 
  7. Eat slowly, take about as long as the food took to cook, it aids digestion, better hydration, and better weight control. When you eat faster the meal ends sooner, meaning you’re more likely to feel ‘hungry’.
  8. Eat with family, it promotes a better wellbeing, when you’re finished don’t leave right away, stay and have a conversation, even better wait until everyone is finished. 


So with all this overwhelming informational, which would you choose? Will you continue eating the way you are and wait billions of years for our bodies to get used to it, or will you change your life for the better?


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