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something that some of us can relate to

Submitted: October 31, 2018

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Submitted: October 31, 2018



Exhausted, she slumped down on the treadmill, sweat spraying from her damp hair like raindrops. Heart pounding, legs throbbing, she heaved a shaky sigh.


Blinded by beads of sweat from hair that stuck to her forehead, she felt for her water bottle. The soft beeping of the treadmill crooned in the background, a testament of her feverish desire to… as though snapping from a daydream, she forcefully snapped the cap of the bottle shut.


Close call.


She really did need to get rid of that habit. Why did she even bring the damn thing here in the first place…?


An obnoxious neon yellow post-it that detached from the bottle fluttered a few feet away from her. Reaching over, she gingerly picked it up, its yellow hue slightly darker from contact with the dusty floor. “Remember to drink up sweety :)”


She rolled her eyes, crumpling it into a tiny ball and flinging it as far away from her as possible.


Wait… if that managed to sneak into her bag, that meant that old hag rifled through her things… oh god. Furiously rifling through her bag, she fished out conspicuous energy bars, packets of nuts, little sachets of pebble sized chocolates, each, along a staggering amount of calories, had the same yellow post-it, albeit with different messages: “Give yourself a break!”; “Munch some crunch ;)”…


Scowling she tore the loathsome cringe-worthy pieces of paper away. They formed a neat little stack. She tore it down, neatly, in the middle. They joined their respective food items, forming a sad neat little pile. She had to grudgingly admire that woman’s effort though.


But she knew better. She was not stupid, as they all think.


Her throat burned but there was no discord. Not any more. Mind over matter, mind over matter, she thought as she sucked on the insides of her cheeks, milking it of saliva. There was none.


Standing up, her vision momentarily blacking, stars bursting forth. Woozily, drunkedly, she stumbled to the only thing that remained sharply delineated in her sight, in her mind, in her life. It whirled into life. She held her breath, from excitement, from dread. 1 second, 2 seconds. All she could hear was the pounding of her own heartbeat, the roaring of blood in her ears.


The numbers winked at her, a smile, a taunt.


She crumpled onto the floor, and started to weep.

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